Malapascua Island: Revisiting the Idyllic and Dive-Haven Paradise

Langub Beach

So, how’s Malapascua Island since COVID-19? Traveling to and staying on the island is now possible. There are government and health protocols to follow, of course. Health remains everyone’s priority. Quite curious, I decided to revisit the island years after my last visit (story here: Malapascua Island: A Relaxing Summer Getaway) with some friends. 

DisclaimerThis is a personal blog. The views, opinions, and tips expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the other travelers. I’m not an expert. My purpose of writing is to share my story, hoping, somehow, to be helpful and inspirational to some – if not all.

Maya Port

Everything seems in increment since the pandemic. Our date of travel was on a holiday (holy week), and so we expected to have a long, busy trip. The bus ride from Cebu City to Maya Port in Daanbantayan already costs 255 for one way. Once at the port, you need to register at their tourism office and pay 75 pesos for the environmental fee and 150 pesos for the boat ride across the island for roughly 45 minutes. 

From the distance, nearing the island, I already noticed the walkway to its dock. This is nonexistent the last time I was here. The locals are still very accommodating in leading us to our reserved accommodation. 

Blue Corals Resort

Note: Reservation of your accommodation is a must before even getting to the island. Same with the other destinations in Cebu province or even the whole world at large. 

Resorts and some establishments are operating but many are still close at the time being. Many tourists spent a long holiday on the island but their number is lesser than the usual flock during holidays. It’s a privilege for me as I can enjoy the paradise without having to juggle with the other visitors.

My primary purpose of this short vacation without my usual travel buddies is to sit on the sand and watch the sunrise and sunset by the sea. Yes, it’s unusual but I didn’t prepare an itinerary for this trip. We ended up having lots of activities as we got here though.

Tourist Spots

There are so much to enjoy on the island aside from the overrated deep diving and island hopping:

Ocean Vida

Food Ventures

You’re right, food choices here can be very expensive if you are getting it from the restaurants. Try exploring the island and you will find cheaper alternatives. There are food stalls in the market offering food and services at affordable rates. Food choices are sumptuous as well. Some notable restaurants frequented by most tourists also serve affordable menus. 

Inland Tour

Try the following activities if you’re no swimmer, nondriver, or just want to do something new:

Bounty Beach

Resort Hopping

Each resort on the island offers different services to guests. Just take a walk through the alleys or take a motorcycle or bicycle to go around. Explore, see, and know the culture of the islanders. There is so much to see here.


Beach Bumming

Find a spot where to take a dip of the pristine waters around the island. Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding are among the usual activities. This could be great areas for your vlogs, TikTok, or any other social media pastime. You can even wait for the sun to rise and/or set at any of the beaches.

If you want somewhere secluded, try staying at D’ Avilas Horizon where Langub Beach is something you would be expecting from a vacation. Their crew, much more the owner himself, are very accommodating to ensure you have a great time off. 

D’ Avila’s Horizon


Seashore walk is usual. Why don’t you try trekking to the hilly, bushy parts of the island and get some views from atop? You’ll be amazed at what is in store for you up there. Plus, you’ve got some physical health programs. Isn’t it cool?

Kaosting Beach
Bantigue Cove
Gugma Beach
Mangrove Resort
The Ruins

We’re lucky to have had local guides who made us see and experience the island. We went to the lighthouse, Kaosting Beach, Gugma Beach, Bantigue Cove, Mangrove Resort view, and the Ruins.

Sunrise at Blue Corals

Sunrise and Sunset View

You can find different spots to watch sunrise and sunset throughout the island. Both can be viewed in the front, ocean view of Blue Corals Resort. However, watch the magnificence of the rising sun at the Easternmost part. 

Sunset at Guso

Meanwhile, sunset is best at Guso Beach beside the house of actress Pilar Pilapil. This is in contrary to the well-known spot at Langub Beach. Maybe you can get most of the setting sun when you are at the ruins, facing it. 

Ocean Vida

Night Out

Experience some chill night, good food and drinks, listen to music and embrace the island vibe with friends and loved ones. Having a guitar or any instrument and sing with your tune would be a great idea as well. You will be lucky enough to stargaze under a fine night sky. Find your passion and enjoy the island life.

Island Hopping

If it is your first time here, hopping through the islands and beaches surrounding or around the island is a must. Preferably, the 3-hour tour includes Dakit-Dakit Island, a Japanese shipwreck of submarine chaser Mogami, Langub Beach, and the Coral Garden.

Dakit2x Island
Langub Beach

Deep Diving

Of course, Malapascua would always be associated with diving for its abundance of thresher sharks all year round. The marine life of the island is very rich and mostly visited by tourists even abroad. 


Day 1:

7-11:30 am – Cebu City to Maya Port

12-12:45 pm – Maya Port to Malapascua Island

1 pm – Lunch (market)

3 pm-6 pm – Land tour

D’ Avila’s Horizon

Kaosting Beach

Bantigue Cove

The Ruins

7 pm – Dinner (market)

Day 2

6 am – Sunrise

7 am – Breakfast

8-11 am – Island Hopping

12 – lunch

4 pm – Land tour


Gugma Beach

Mangrove Resort

Guso Beach

6 pm – Sunset viewing

7 pm – Dinner (market)

8 pm – Night out 

Day 3

7 am – Breakfast

8 am – Stroll and swimming

12noon – Checkout, Lunch

12:45 pm – Back to Maya Port

1-6 pm – Cebu City

Estimated Budget:

510 – Bus Fare (back and forth)

300 – Boat Fare (back and forth)

75 – Environmental Fee

1000 – Accommodation (2 days)

450 – Island Hopping (400 if you have your own gear)

2335 – Total excluding food and other personal expenses

For a local guide, motorcycle ride, or anything across the island, just contact Kuya Renato Santisas at his FB page or 09217997184.

Vlog for this trip here:


*Some photos are not mine, they belong to the rightful owners (friends).

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