Significance of Social Media

Social media are media used for social interaction through accessible communication techniques. Social media is significant in the modern age of marketing as it serves as a medium of strategic and integrated business communications and services. It helps increase message awareness and builds relationships.

My favorite subjects

When I was in school, I am really interested to study science and logic. I like science because I am a knowledge-seeking type of a person. I love to know new discoveries and new things in life. I am also interested in logic since I am inquisitive. I want to form as many questions as … Continue reading My favorite subjects

How to live life to the fullest

Life is a continuous journey for personal development, a journey to successes while living it to the fullest. You should never take anything for granted and live each day as if it is your first and last day in the universe. You should keep that curiosity in you by being open-minded and inquisitive. You should … Continue reading How to live life to the fullest

Differences between dolphins and sharks

Dolphins differ from sharks in many aspects though they both live in sea and oceans. Dolphins belong to mammals, while sharks belong to the fish family. The dorsal fin of dolphins is rounded at the top, while that of the sharks is straight. Dolphins swim up and down, while sharks swim in a back and … Continue reading Differences between dolphins and sharks

How teachers may influence their students to take their subject seriously

Teachers with good rapport with their students may encourage them to take their subject seriously by setting an example. The teachers may easily influence their students by demonstrating the benefits of the subject through activities. They should also make this consistently, one step at a time but gradually.

Do you Have to retake basic subjects if you will shift to another major?

You may not retake your general education requirements again if you are planning to shift to another major. There are some basic subjects prerequisite to your new major which are also required in your previous major. In this case, you don't have to take these subjects again as they may be credited.

Gaining Someone’s Trust Back

You can gain someone’s trust back is possible if you will be consistent and do it one step at a time but gradually. The best way to do this is being genuine in your quest to change to do better for yourself other than for the person. You should be extra polite, act more mature, … Continue reading Gaining Someone’s Trust Back