Let It. Let Go. Let Live.

Times you even forget you're still human.You have burdens. You're hurt.You've been forgotten. You've been left behind. You're reminded of your rock bottom.You surpassed past troubles.You don't know how. They just did.How could you not this time?Accept it. Embrace it. Let go. Let live. The cycle continues til' time you don't know.       … Continue reading Let It. Let Go. Let Live.

The Age of COVID-19: The New Norm

What lies ahead is yet to unfold.What's left for now is something to behold.Restrictions of any form.This is now the new norm. For life indeed is a hard-fought victory.Just be home and stay.Time comes we will see.We are Finally Free.When will that be?It's up to you and me. https://youtu.be/f1nPFMvdK0E