The Age of COVID-19: The New Norm

What lies ahead is yet to unfold.
What’s left for now is something to behold.
Restrictions of any form.
This is now the new norm.

For life indeed is a hard-fought victory.
Just be home and stay.
Time comes we will see.
We are Finally Free.
When will that be?
It’s up to you and me.

7 thoughts on “The Age of COVID-19: The New Norm

  1. I hope the old world is gone. I pray the new world is better. But we must be careful. Big business is trying to open-up our world. Yesterday, biggest death total in the Detroit area. 200 plus died and the government want to allow people to travel freely on May 1st. If you study history. USA knew the soldiers had the Spanish flu in 1917(124 of 500 soldiers die on their way to Europe. 70 million died because the soldiers were at the battles in Europe and spread worldwide) and the government willingly send them. I pray our leaders think. A quiet world could save many. Time for us in our world to offer hands of friendship. I hope you are doing well, be careful and be safe my friend.


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