Hashinida Farm and the Epic Tree Planting and Nature Camping

Chirping birds. Leaves rustling through the wind. Sounds of crickets at night. The smell of the bonfire. Beautiful dancing lights from fireflies. Chilly breeze. Sun peeking through the trees and mountains. Getting loose with family and friends. Plus, the humble and cuddly furry pals you’ll get to meet. Indeed, nature acts in the simplest way just as here at Hashinida Farm in Brgy. Sua, Argao.

Weekends are something I always look up to during weekdays. No other reason but to put ease to the busy, almost chaotic city vibe once in a while. It’s a bit different this time as we decided to plant trees and give something to the children near the farm. It was epic, overwhelming, and fun.

DisclaimerThis is a personal blog. The views, opinions, and tips expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the other travelers. I’m not an expert. My purpose of writing is to share my story, hoping, somehow, to be helpful and inspirational to some – if not all.

The Community Outreach

Before our tree planting and camping activities, we head to a community near the farm to give some school supplies, food, medicine, and sanitary materials to children. We ought to make a short program for the kids, but the pandemic reminds us to keep at bay for health reasons. The warm welcome of the kids is very overwhelming and fulfilling. We are grateful to the barangay officials and Hashinida management for helping us on this cause.  

The Farm

First impression of its name – Hashinida Farm. Don’t get me wrong, from the sound of it you’ll think this countryside scenic farm is owned by a Japanese national. We are wrong. According to its owner, Nay Kring, the farm’s name originated from the term “Hacienda ni Darna.” Darna is one of her resident dogs at the farm who made a significant reputation of her own. She is a multi-awarded dog in fashion shows, dog tricks, and agility – winning the Iron Dog of the Philippines in 2017. You may see her in the short film “Tin-aw nga Kapunawpunawan” and Kring’s Organic Dog Shampoo commercial.

The development of the farm still continuous with its very expansive land area. There’s always something for you to do and enjoy here aside from camping and getting relaxation.


Bring your camp gears and tag along your family and/or friends and spend a night or more under the moonlit sky with a gazillion of stars. No tent? Nay Kring will let you rent one or you may stay at the kubo. If you’re fortunate enough, you may sleep out and find the constellations. Gather around the bonfire for chitchat or some fun games to savor the night. Hanging your hammock is also an opportunity to de-stress from life’s side hassles. Being at peace with nature is your primary purpose here, anyway.


The farm is so vast that planting would be very doable. Plan and contact the owner for proper arrangements. As per our group, we’ve planted coconut trees and planning to go back for their progress. You may plant other trees or plants as well.


Walk around and your eyes will be lavished with nature’s best. A wide horizon will help clear your mind and be mentally free for a while. Different flowers and plants will make you realize to slow a bit and appreciate the beauty of life. There’s the fresh air for you to breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity. The different bird species sharing their tweets while strolling. And of course, the resident dogs and cats at the farm will make your stay more heartwarming. Having pawtography with them would be a breeze as they are tamed enough to pose with you.

Instagrammable Spots

Well, we always capture moments in all our adventures and travels. These are memories to keep. Find those spots for your photographic prowess. Perhaps, you may think of a cinematic production for your next video. April Christine, aka Asa Ni Quen, has one herself below.

Celebrate Any Occasion with Good Food

You may also bring with you some food or cook at the farm to eat together with colleagues and loved ones. This would be a great time to say our “His” and “Hellos.” To catch up about life, have a sanity check especially that we are in a pandemic. There are some fruits you can buy from the farm. Fresh buko juice will quench your thirst and replenish some toxins inside your body.

Organic Products

Nay Kring is an advocate of organic products and have her product line:   

Just tell her what you need and for sure she has something healthy and organic for you.

Spend time with nature and it will not let you down.

Farm Details:

Entrance Fee – P50

Camping Fee – P100

Tent Rental – P100

Kubo Rental – P500

Gas Stove Use – P100 per meal

Native Chicken Menu (Available for Pre-order)

Location: Brgy. Sua, Argao

Landmark: Corner to Brgy. Sua

Day Use: 9am-5pm

Camping: 4pm-9am

For inquiries, visit their FB page or contract 0925 505 6516.

Here’s a vlog of this adventure by asaniquen:

For your next adventure, you might want to hire a cab for your group’s safe transportation. Just contact Kuya Bong at 09616214406 or visit his FB page for a quotation.

PS: Always follow the health protocols wherever you go, especially outdoors.

*Some photos are not mine, they belong to the rightful owners (friends).

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