Aloguinsan Bound, Ended-Up in Moalboal: An Epic Detour

Stop thinking of what’s gonna happen tomorrow, you might not enjoy the ride… 

Although I love well-planned trips, I am always on-the-go for spontaneous adventures anywhere, anytime.

Life is full of detours and misadventures. Yes, it is for life can be boring when everything is planned accordingly. Another yes for these unprecedented turns of events make every adventure more exciting. Agree? 

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The views, opinions, and tips expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the other travelers. I’m not an expert. My purpose of writing is to share my story and hope to be, somehow helpful and inspirational to some if not all.

The Road Trip

So, here it goes. 

We were picked up by our hired cab early in the morning to make the most of our trip. True enough, we arrived at some tourist spots too early that they are still close. It’s great though since there are only a few tourists. We paid a visit to the notable Hermit’s Cove, Bojo River, and their spacious and tidy public market. 

Hermit’s Cove

Hermit’s Cove – entrance fee P100
Note: As of the moment of writing, overnight is not possible here and you can only stay for 3 hours at most to accommodate other tourists. Cottages and tables are also available for rent.

Bojo River

Entrance Fee – P20
Note: We’re not able to river cruise (P900/head with lunch) because the water was too shallow during our visit. Better ask first when is the perfect time to come for the cruise.

Public Market

Had our lunch here.

Those were quick visits since we were not able to do many activities at every stop. Being there, see and experience mother nature is more than overwhelming. 

Hours after, we decided to check-in early at our booked accommodation at Hidden White Beach Resort. Unfortunately, to our surprise, we won’t be able to get in since the resort is now prohibited to take guests for overnight stays. The smiles on our faces slowly dropped and started to worry. It is disappointing but all we had to do is to find a place to stay for the night. 

Another thing to consider is the side-hassles of the pandemic. Walk-ins are not allowed for overnight stays at these trying times. Well, it left us with no choice but to try our luck. Thankfully, we were able to get a quick cabin reservation for everyone.


Note: When going to Moalboal for resort visits and water activities (day use and overnight), you have to register (free) first at their tourism office. You will be asked for your confirmed booking if you are staying overnight along with the names of the tourists. 


You know what? It is a blessing in disguise. We enjoyed our stay at Bigsand Resort and Campgrounds. The seclusion, amenities, peacefulness, and the moment we shared pave away everything. We swim, snorkel, kayak, volleyball, etc. Yes, we enjoyed so much this detour. 

Wide-Stretched White Sand
the resort has lots of spots to chill while hearing leave rustling and birds chirping
volleyball area and campground
You might also want to buy these stuff sold by kids in the area.
Traditional Games of the Tribu During Socials

Food Trip

As good things come to and eventually end, so did our road trip. We’re a foodie, so rarely did we head home with an empty tummy. We dropped by a restaurant for an early dinner at Delcio’z Resto Café in Ronda. Once again, we spent hours chitchatting, bantering, and laughing out our lungs. 

Yes, we are a foodie… Food is life 🙂

Oh, how I wish every day is a holiday. There are other days, of course. Just excited to be with people you can be vulnerable with wherever, whenever, whichever. 

For your next adventure, you might want to hire a cab for your group’s safe transportation. Just contact Kuya Bong at 09616214406 or visit his FB page for a quotation.

P.S. Always follow health and government protocols wherever you travel. Leave no trace wherever you go.


Day 1

4am – Pick-up Cebu City

5:30-7:30am – to Aloguinsan

– Tour –

  • Bojo River
  • Lunhaw Farm Resort
  • Hermit’s Cove
  • Bojo River

Early Lunch

Public Market

1:30pm – Moalboal (register at tourism office first)

2pm – (Bigsand Resort and Campgrounds)

Swimming, snorkeling, sunset watching, chilling, games

Day 2

Beach chill, swimming, kayaking, etc.

12 noon – Check-out

2pm – Early dinner at Delcio’z Resto Café (Ronda) 

3 pm – Cebu City Bound

— End of Trip —

Estimated Budget:

667 – Cab rental (4000/6) 

667 – Accommodation (4000/6)

100 – Hermit’s Cove entrance fee

20 – Bojo River entrance fee

84 – Kayak rental (500/6)

1538 – Total (excluding food and other personal expenses)


Bring your own eating utensils (including mug)

Bring your own coffee/hot choco

Bring face mask, face shield, QPass or ID and COE

Bring extra clothes for swimming

Bring water sports gear if you have

Follow health protocols

CLAYGO – Clean as you go

Observe LNT Principles



Keep safe always

Be a responsible laagan (traveler) 😉

Vlogs of this trip by Asaniquen:

*some photos belong to friends

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