Magic Place Beach Resort: Your Not-So-Typical Beach Camp Site in Oslob, Cebu

No matter where you take turns, you will always get to your destination. Well, we’re liking the idea of getting surprises in adventures. 

An adventure per se.

It took us several detours and stops to find this likely secret yet magical haven in the southern part of Cebu Province. Searching it thru Google Maps and Waze is even a challenge. Both apps led us to the mountains instead. 

As I always say, LOCALS KNOWS BEST. 

DisclaimerThis is a personal blog. The views, opinions, and tips expressed here do not necessarily reflect the other travelers’ thoughts. I’m not an expert. My purpose of writing is to share my story, hoping, somehow, to be helpful and inspirational to some – if not all.

The Place

True by its name, Magic Place Beach Resort is a gem any tourist may hardly find upfront. Why? The resort is situated underneath Nailog Bridge (the only landmark given). 

Tip: The resort is just right under Nailong Bridge in Calumpang, Oslob.

The bridge itself is not huge enough for you to notice right there and then. You’ll get down to several steps, pass through a tunnel, and get fronted by a paradise. 

The place is so quiet, and the water is so pristine though not that calm with its rough and big waves. However, if you’re into a nomadic, island-like kind of staycation, this is resort is worth considering.

Beach lovers and campers would surely love this place where you’ll be bothered by the noises of the ocean waves, sea breeze, chirping birds, and rustling of leaves and twigs around.

The following photos speak more than my words:

So as not to spoil your magical stay here, get the experience and contact its owner thru its FB page for your next vacation.

Travel Tips and Pointers:

Try to consider the following before heading to Magic Place Beach Resort for a remarkable trip and memories for keeps.

1. Check the resort’s official FB page for details and some requirements during the pandemic.

2. Reserve your stay/accommodation to secure your spot since it is becoming notable to campers/tourists alike.

3. Always check the weather condition on your scheduled visit dates to ensure a viable camp/stay.

4. Always observe the government and health protocols (like wearing a mask) as necessary, especially when in a huge crowd.

5. Respect and follow resort rules.

6. Leave no trace other than your footprints in the sand.

7. You are expected to be a responsible traveler anywhere, anytime.

Watch Vlog here for more details:

‘Til my next adventure, fellow wanderers. Keep safe and stay healthy always. 😉

*Some photos credited to the rightful owners

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