Siargao Version 2.0 With a Sidetrip to Corregidor Island


Cloud 9 Boulevard

You’re a chocolate lover but there’s that one sweet temptation you hardly can resist. Yeah, just a few months ago we were in Siargao and I was broken heartened of leaving the island. I then promised to go back as I do miss it already while still on the plane heading back to Cebu. There’s something alluring in this paradise that keeps me coming back. Not so long we have planned and booked our roundtrip tickets. Of course, we’re so excited to be back.

Travel Tip: Cloud 9 is great for sunrise and surfing early morning.

Corregidor Island

Travel Tip: Never miss this hill of the island. It’s best to hike up here early morning or before sunset.

There were some spots on the island that we were unable to visit last time especially the Magpupungko Rock Pools since it was closed for rehabilitation at that time. See details of our previous trip on the island here: Siargao+Sohoton – Where Leaving the Surfers’ Paradise is a Heartbreak

This time we made sure to check-out Magpupungko Rock Pools and do more surfing. So, where we went then?

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

stunning sunset while heading to Corregidor Island for a night stay

Adventure-Junkie Island Hopping

Since Siargao has neighboring islets and islands, one of the must-do activities is island hopping. Our route was to Corregidor Island then to Daku Island.


Corregidor Island

The island is just a 45-minute boat ride from General Luna. We spent overnight there right after our arrival. We stayed at the open cottages of Mpire Resort and had their staff cook the food we marketed from the mainland. Their staff was very accommodating as they make sure we were safe and enjoy.


MPire Resort Siargao

Travel Tip: Stay overnight and bask the serenity of the whole island for a very affordable rate.

It seems that we own the entire resort. No other group spared time there than us. We did stargazing and play cards on the beachfront.



Card games and stargazing while lying on the white, powdery sandy beach


dubbed Batanes of Siargao


famous bent coconut at the hill

The Batanes-like view is what we’re up to on this island. Luckily, we’re blessed with wonderful weather to hike to its peak to see the spectacular horizon at the top. It’s a healthy morning walk actually.


a local skimming at Daku Island


Daku Island

The next stop was in Daku Island. According to our guide, it was so named Daku (big) since it’s the biggest among the popular trio island hopping destinations Guyam (small), Naked, and Daku. The island is perfect for beach bumming, snorkeling, swimming, and skimming while waiting for your food to be cooked. There are fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables to choose from and have them prepared for you.

Travel Tip: Never miss the seafood here, they are mouth-watering for real.



lush coconut trees along the road

Laid-Backed Land Tour

One of my favorite things to do is to tour around the island. The breeze, the lined coconut trees along the road, the waves peeping afar, and the island vibe are all lures the island has to its visitors coming back, including us.


Magpupungko Rock Pool

Fortunately, we made it to this beautiful spot on our second visit. It’s amazing how those natural pools were made. Playing with those thick, strong waves is truly fun. Snorkeling, swimming, beachineering, picture taking, and even eating as there are lots of food stools and vendors in corners selling goods are among the things you can do here.


The Coconut Road

The Coconut Road

Yes, the famous coconut road is quiet instagrammable. I always thought of finding myself under the lined coconut trees with views of rushing sea waves from a distance. As expected, tons of photos were taken at different angles, and in different poses.

Travel Tip: Try the river cruise and have a short stop at the secret lagoon.

Maasin River

Maasin River

We were here last time but just to drop by and have a sneak peek of the river. This time we had a short river cruise and stop by at the secret lagoon. It seems we’re back to our childhood days kidding on its ice-cold waters.


Coconut View Deck

Coconut View Deck

On our way to the airport, we dropped by at the Coconut View Deck which is very notable in instagram, Facebook and other social channels. It’s very scenic and panoramic. You can have your own poses here as well.


top view from Cloud 9 during the surfing season 2019


Cloud 9 Boardwalk

Who says we will leave Siargao without surfing? We felt like we’re experts as we brave the waves of the world’s renowned surfing spot. As usual, we seem not to have satisfied the more than one-hour session. And for that, we’re planning to go back again and rent surfboards for hours of surfing. Good luck to our energy and burnt skin then… haha.


fruits and vegetables here are fresh and delicious for real

Food, Food, and More Food

Food is already staple to every Tribu AdOBo member’s palate. Well, we don’t just travel with our feet, but so with our stomach. The first meal at Corregidor Island was a dinner of mouthwatering seafood, vegetables, and fruits – all freshly caught and picked from the locality. Another batch of the same set of the meal was served for our brunch at Daku Island the following day.

Travel Tip: If your traveling in a group, it would be great to cook your own food for everyone. Trying some of the restaurants and food venues at some point.

Mackoy’s Sumptuous crafts

We’re so lucky during this trip for Mackoy, a chef, joined us. We hailed to the island’s public market for something to cook for our dinner and breakfast. If only we have enough space on our stomach to eat those sumptuous dishes in front of us. Other than satiating our hungry tummies from a long day full of adventures, we were able to save from spending much in a restaurant.


our accommodation

However, our supposed night out was canceled as everyone is knocked out after dinner. We just called it a day and retired to bed at Longay Homestay in General Luna owned by Brgy. Captain Rutchel Longay (contact # 09772658025/09108155842).  Our thoughts of spending the night with the locals and other tourists were overpowered by our tired drained of energy bodies. Next time around guys…


Surfing, Surfing, and More Surfing

So, the very reason for coming back is to surf more, more, and more. Indeed! We hit and brave the waves again but this time more than an hour. We could have had to spend more only if the hit of the sun and our boarding time permit. Well, we had great time riding the big and small waves rushing through the shore.

Travel Tip: If it’s not your first time surfing and you really love doing it, rent a surfboard instead of getting a 500/hour surfing experience.



It’s not too obvious how I enjoyed this sport… haha

Just look at us… How serious we were listening to our instructors and learning the tricks, eager play with the seawater’s bubble-like waves in a massive natural swimming pool. We enjoyed surfing so much that we need to convince ourselves that we have to get out of the water because we still have a flight to catch up.



Look for Jason Gerandoy if you’re surfing. He is really good and will give you tricks

Well, we will never get tired of coming back for this. Haha.


Ecotourism in the Island

Locals on the island love their home so much that they contribute and take part in activities, projects and other campaigns for its conservation. They have tons of initiatives to help save the island from the destruction of any kind.

When you go to their market, you need to bring your own container for your groceries or buy their ecobags. We did this as well. Plastic bottled water is discouraged. Bring your own water container and have it refilled at their designated stations or even at the hotels or homestays where you may be accommodated while on the island.

Some sustainable products sold along the street near Maasin River




During weekends, environmental-based groups and locals conduct clean-up drives anywhere around the island and tourists are all welcome to come and join. They also sell products made from their local produce like bamboo straws, and bowls and saddle made from dried coconut shell. In fact, most of the hotels and resorts here are sustainable. Their amenities are locally designed and made from local, environmental-friendly materials.


saw this signage in front of the market in General Luna

Posters and signages promoting environmentalism are visible across the island. It’s very heart-harming seeing a local talking to a foreign tourist to keep his plastic bag and refrain him from bringing it inside Magpupungko Rock Pool.

Travel Tip: Better bring your own ecobag or container if you’re planning to go to the market.

Collect your trash plastic bottles and exchange them for fruits, rice or any food. Yes, that’s how they are serious about waste management here. Kudos Siargao! Hopefully, all other destinations will follow.


So, would this be heartbreak again for leaving the island? Not that much. We or I will keep on coming back here. And, I’m pretty sure of that. See you gain Siargao.


Heading home be like with our ever accommodating, informative and trustworthy tour guide as always Kuya Kokoy Aranas Hilig (09482123078)

More photos of our banterings… hahaha



Secret Lagoon


Overall Travel Tip: It’s been talked that traveling to Siargao is gold. Well, it’s not really when you plan it properly and have a trusted local to cater to your visit. You can contact Kuya Kokoy Aranas Hilig at 09482123078.


Day 1:

1:30pm – Meetup at Mactan International Airport
2:55 pm – Cebu to Siargao
4 pm – ETA Siargao
5 pm to Corregidor Island (night camp)

Day 2:

5 am –wakeup call (sunrise)
6 am – trek to the peak (Batanes-like view)
8 am  – Daku Island (swimming, snorkeling, photoops, brunch)

11 am – Back to General Luna (to accommodation)
1 pm – Land tour
Mapupungko Rock Pool
Coconut Road
Maasin River (river cruise, secret lagoon)

Day 3:
5 am – Wakeup Call
6 am – Surfing @ Cloud 9 Boardwalk
10 am – Brunch
Maasin (souvenirs)
Coconut View Deck
3 pm –Siargao Airport
4 pm – Siargao-Cebu


500 – Corregidor Island overnight fee per cottage
100 – Corregidor Island Docking Fee
50/pax – Daku Island Environmental fee

100 – Daku Island Docking Fee
5000 – Island Hopping Boat Rental

3500 – Multicab rental for Land Tour
50/pax – Magpupungko Entrance
50 – Magpupungko Parking Fee
20/pax – Maasin River entrance fee

500 – Maasin River Cruise per boat rental fee

500/pax – One-hour Surfing with a surf board and instructor
400/pax – Airport Pick-up and Drop-off
400 – Accommodation at General Luna
Total = 2770/pax for a group of 9 (excluding food, airfare, tips and other personal expenses)

NOTES: Be a responsible traveler
Always follow the Leave No Trace (LNT) Principle


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*Some photos credit to friends

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