Manila NAIA Airport: A Travel Guide


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Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA or MIAA) serves the capital of the Philippines. The international airport is considered as the busiest and the largest airport in the country. It serves over 90% of the international flights coming in and out of the country. This guide covers detailed information on the airport’s inter-terminal transportation, options, ATM and currency exchange, Wifi and SIM card, and other services.

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How to Transfer Between Terminals 

Once you’ve set foot to NAIA, you’ll be wondering what to do and where to go next. There are 4 inter-connected passenger terminals with a general aviation section at the airport. These terminals seem to operate as independent airports. You have to be keen as these terminals are far from each other. It even requires you a taxi or shuttle ride to transfer to/from the airport. This may cause delay and hassle especially if you are in a connecting flight. Missing your next flight is the last thing that you would want right? Better know where these terminals are exactly located and how to get there.

There is a free shuttle bus for travelers, which runs for 24 hours. Clear the customs and immigration first so you can use this service. You may opt for a private ride or taxi to the other terminals though. Good news! Free air-side buses between these terminals are now available. You just have to present a valid flight ticket on the day or a day after the flight from the other terminal.

Don’t waste your money and keep away from stress. Be mindful of the typical 3-hour transfer time from the arriving plane’s door to that of the departing plane. It is advisable to set your travel schedules considering the worst-case time.

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Shuttle Bus

The air-side shuttle buses are for passenger transfers only and they operate every 30 minutes during the day and every 50 minutes from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. You will see directions inside the terminal buildings. PAL and PALexpress guests may avail the PAL airside shuttle bus service exclusive for them.


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Railway and City Link

Recently, bus lines are connecting the airport terminals with the nearest railway stations (MRT/LRT). Passengers taking MRT may disembark at the EDSA-Taft station.

Passengers taking the city buses may hop on those bound for EDSA-MIA, which pass both Terminal 1 and 2. Meanwhile, jeepneys can transfer you to Terminal 3.

Taxi Transfers

Among the operating taxis at NAIA are the fixed coupon taxis, typical white street taxis, and the yellow airport taxis. Their rates will depend on their waiting time.


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ATM and Currency Exchange 

There are ATMs at Manila airport as well as currency exchange booths and local banks. You can always use a currency converter tool in advance so you have an idea of how much you will be receiving in the local currency pesos.

Terminal 1

RCBC full-service branch is in the Arrivals area; BPI TAM machine is at Arrivals, and ATMs of RCBC, Landbank and PNB are at Departures and Arrivals areas. Foreign exchange service is available at HGIII, Vanessa, and Jacinto.

Terminal 2:

PNB, Philtrust Bank and Allied Bank offices are at the Departure level while another PNB branch is at the Arrivals level. These banks offer foreign exchange and have their ATMs outside their offices, respectively. Jacinto is also here for currency exchange.

Terminal 3:

RCBC branch offers full service in the Arrivals area. ATMs of Landbank, RCBC, and PNB are in the Arrivals and Departures levels while that of BPI is at the Arrivals area. Foreign exchange service is available at HGIII, Vanessa, and Jacinto.

Terminal 4:

ATM of BPI can be found near the check-in counters in the Departures area. Foreign currency exchange is being offered by Jacinto at the Check-in Hall.


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Relaxing and Lounges

Relax, enjoy and make the most of your airport experience with access to the world-class lounges at NAIA. You can make an annual membership, pay at the door or purchase a day pass at any of the following lounges.

  • PASGSS Premium Lounge (Terminal 1, airside, East Concourse)
  • Pacific Club Lounge (Terminal 3, Airside, Level 4)
  • Skyview Lounge (Terminal 3, Airside, Departure Area)
  • PAGSS Lounge (Terminal 3, Airside, Departures, Level 4)
  • Wings Transit Lounge (Terminal 3, Landside, Level 4)

WiFi and SIM Card

When traveling to the Philippines, stay connected with relatives and friends and friends within your budget. All terminals at NAIA offer free WiFi access at a limited time. After that, you need to buy a prepaid SIM card for continuous internet use across the country. Globe and Smart are the two telecommunication companies available. It’s smart to check the data packages of both networks and choose one that fits you right. There are booths inside the terminals where you can purchase the SIM card or you may pre-purchase it online and just pick up when you arrived.

Portable or pocket WiFi with unlimited is also offered for rent. You may pick it up at the airport or have it delivered at your accommodation.

Should you consider traveling to the Philippines, it’s most likely that you will be booking a flight to NAIA and figure out where to next across the country. Learn from here and your visit to the Philippines will be as smooth as you deserve.




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