Misadventure Series (#4): Bidding Goodbye to My Favorite Neck Pillow

Losing things or someone you loved so dearly. Ouch, how it hurts. It was my first travel abroad and already lost my favorite neck pillow before even getting around.


Departing from Mactan-Cebu International Airport with my fave pillow

You are traveling and just realized something is missing. Relate much? It’s very me – most of the times actually. Haha. Well, it’s already part of the adventure but with its unlikely prefix. 

I was too preoccupied with my things upon arrival at Changi Airport in Singapore. Had my personal thing at one of its comfort room carrying my pillow. April and I went to its Duty Free shop for some stuff. We then headed to the luggage carousel to claim our bags. I only noticed my lost pillow after passing through the immigration area. Oh my God, I left it at the toilet cubicle.  

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

I’m really saddened that every time I see a neck pillow, the unfortunate memory keeps coming back. I have to move on, of course. 


at Changi Airport leaving for home without my pillow

Lessons Learned: 

Value the things you have, no matter the degree of their worth in your life. Keep your sanity intact whenever and wherever you may go. This is especially viable when traveling. 


Details of our Singapore and Malaysia trip:


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