Camp IRO: Moment With Furry Friends



We don’t just exist; we coexist and live with our fellow earthlings (plants and animals). We all share the same home, the Earth. Animals too need care as much as we do – humans. How overwhelming it is to unwind, explore and be with nature while helping the rescued dogs who are in dire need of care.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own and some of my information resources came from IRO and its volunteers. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.



IRO Shelter in Brgy. Guba, Cebu City


the Cattery

Been to camping during weekends and/or holidays but what we have had last week was a total difference. Spending time outdoors with the dogs and cats at Camp IRO (Island Rescue Organization, Inc.) along with newly-found friends is something worth to cherish and share. How lucky I am to have my family and friends with me around. These dogs and cats at the shelter are thirsty of it, just how warmth their welcome was and how they interacted with us during our stay.

Furry Friend (Resident Dogs and Cats) in Need of a Permanent Home






I do felt their longing to have a family and home. Thank you IRO for the opportunity to share quality time with your shelter’s residents and help the organization. Your advocacy and volunteerism for the love of these passionate creatures deserve a salute.

13700024_10154503099888109_1906351393168044476_nAbout IRO

IRO is a non-profit organization of volunteers with a dedication to helping the animals’ plight through rescue, education, and advocacy. The organization is donation-based so they are in dire need of support, financial or of any kind like the adoption of its rescued dogs and cats. They conduct programs like their Regular Dog Walk at Parkmall every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, free Neuter and Spay operation, and other fundraising activities to continuously run its shelters.

How to Help and What to Do at IRO Camp

As much as I and the group want to help, we are and would like to extend love by spreading their advocacy. I know, you too, would like to do so, so here’s how:


  1. Camp with Family/Friends (Camp Fee @100/head)

Explore the wide three-hectare wilderness of Camp IRO. You can bring your family and/or friends and enjoy the natural, scenic place (always follow the Leave No Trace or LNT principle).


Thanks guys. These could mean a lot for our furry friends

Bring any essential for the shelter. You can also buy any of their items like stickers, pushpin, shirts, and any stuff they are offering. Make the most of your stay at the camp by:

a) Feeding, bathing, walking, and playing with the dogs and cats.




Gege answering nature’s call 🙂


b) Fruit picking (pili nuts, cotton fruit (santol), etc.)


free santol (cotton fruit) picking from the tree yourself or you may ask assistance from their caretaker



pili nut

c) Embrace nature especially the stunning sunrise at the campsite


Wake up with this morning greeting

d) Unwind and giggle with friends, volunteers, and new acquaintances (observe LNT and respect nature)


  1. Outreach Activities

The shelter is also open for outreach activities other than camping just contact (details below) them at least a month before the scheduled date for them to prepare the area.

  1. Walk the Talk (Educate)

Understand the organization’s advocacy and take the lead in reinforcing proper education. Educate yourself on issues associated with dogs in need of rescue, understand the case, and be a good example. Share the best practices to the other fur parents.

  1. Empower Awareness

Be responsible in your social media posts with the rescued dogs or cats. Keep in mind the advocacy of the organization in your posts encouraging everyone as prospective fur parent.

  1. Be a Volunteer

If you can spare time to care the dogs and cats at the shelter, IRO accepts volunteers.  This is very rewarding most especially for dog or/and cat lovers.


How to Get There

From Talamaban Public Market, just hop on a motorcycle for a 30-45 minutes ride to Brgy. Guba Hall. Read detailed information at the itinerary below.


Guba Barangay Hall (on the left side is a gate leading you to the shelter, which is jus a few steps away.)

But before heading for a camp, be mindful of the Camp IRO’s guidelines. 


Camp IRO Guidelines:

Every visitor is required to abide by the guidelines set by the organization as follows:


Thank you IRO (through your volunteer and our friend Reuben Cabardo) for the enlightenment and the opportunity to be of community service while enjoying our passion for outdoors. We will surely walk the talk about your advocacy and be back here any time sooner or later.


Trbu AdOBo with friends (Come, do visit the shelter and be of great help to our fellow furry friends)

The weekend wasn’t over yet as we have had our side trip to Sayaw River after the camp. Indeed, another weekend was spent well and can’t wait for the next weekends to come.


sidetrip at Sayaw River in Brgy. Adlaon




Day 1 (August 24)

2:00-2:30 PM – Meetup at JCenter Mall

3:00 – 4:00 PM – Jcenter Mall to Talamban Gym

4:00-4:30 PM – Talamban Gym to Jump-Off (registration)

4:30 PM – Camp IRO (Meet and greet/Orientation with IRO Core, pitch tent, sunset, prepare dinner, socials)

10:00 PM – Lights Off


Day 2 (August 25)

5:00 AM – Wake-up call (sunrise, prepare breakfast)

6:00 AM – Breakfast

6:30 AM — Dogwalk, Feeding, Fruit Picking, Photoops,

10:00 AM – Decamp

10:30 AM – to Sayaw River (Brgy. Adlaon, Cebu)

11:00 AM – Sayaw River (swimming )

12:00 – 12:30 PM – to Pit-os

1:30 PM – Cebu City

— Home sweet home —



8- PUJ Fare going to Talamban Gym

100 – Motorcycle ride (Talamban Gym-Jump-off)

100 – Motorcycle ride (Jump-off to Sayaw River to Pit-os)

100 – Camp fee/Donation for IRO

80 – Food (excluding lunch)

Total = 388


What to Bring:

  • Camp gear (tent, flashlight, eating utensils, sleeping bag, jacket, etc.)
  • Water at least 2 liters
  • Bring treats for doggies or any donations like detergent, dog soap, and zonrox
  • 1 cup of rice (each)
  • Coffee/tea/choco
  • Skin protection (Umbrella/raincoat, hat, sunblock)
  • Extra clothes
  • Money
  • Toiletries



  • Be physically fit during the event
  • Weatherproof your things
  • Pray
  • Be careful
  • Have fun



Contact IRO at:

Facebook Page:



Contact Number: 09236084063/09234660446


View map:


P.S.  Here’s the vlog by Asa Ni Quen?



*Information Sources: IRO and Reuben Cabardo

*some photos credit to friends





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