Being Strong, Being Optimistic in Life

Out of my wandering mind, I got a story to tell.
Rough at times, but life is still beautiful
In the busy business hub of New York, there lives a couple who finally had a baby boy after 15 years of marriage. They are so happy that they became very delicate of him. They never leave him unattended for fear that something unexpected might happen. They so love him and make the boy their center of everything and their priority before anything else. It came to the point that the wife tenders her resignation to keep an eye on their little one 24/7.
source: pinterest 

Their house was filled with joy for three years until an accident came. It was morning as the husband was on his way to the office for work; he saw a medicine bottle left open at the top of the table in the living room. Since it is already 20 minutes before his work time, he asked his wife to get the bottle and cap it.

However, the wife forgot what her husband said as she was so busy doing her chores in the kitchen. Their child, fascinated by the vibrant color of the bottle, picks it up and drinks all its content. The boy suddenly collapsed on the floor as the medicine tends to be poisonous for children when taken at a high dosage. The mother hurried him to the nearby hospital, but he died before the doctor was able to treat him.

The mother fainted and as soon as she got back to her senses, she cried hard and sobbed. She was so confused about how to tell her husband on what happened. She was so afraid of what could be his husband’s reaction and what will he do to her. She has been in a stunned state for several hours.

When the husband came to the hospital after been called by the head nurse and saw the pale dead body of his son, he just said “I love you” to his terrified wife. He assured her that the incident is an accident and no one is to be blamed.


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