Mending Broken Friendship

Our friends help us grow in most if not every aspect of our life, as I believe they bring stability in the world. It is also natural with true friends to have conflicts, however, they are too precious for us to let go.   Trying to mend conflicts within my circle of friends, I invited … Continue reading Mending Broken Friendship

A Love Story of a Successful Second Marriage

One lazy afternoon, I browsed my laptop's folders and found a blog, read it, and realized I was actually thinking about marriage years ago as I was able to create a love story about a successful second marriage. Here it goes... Oftentimes I got praise from my husband telling me that he never knew true … Continue reading A Love Story of a Successful Second Marriage

The Awe: When In the Island of Kalanggaman

  Some of our greatest stories in life may come from the times we spent adventuring, and here’s one from my recent wanderings. Perhaps most of the time I’ve been asked whether I get sea sick or road sick after returning from my trips, and I often answered yes because I am longing to get … Continue reading The Awe: When In the Island of Kalanggaman

Being Strong, Being Optimistic in Life

Out of my wandering mind, I got a story to tell. Rough at times, but life is still beautiful In the busy business hub of New York, there lives a couple who finally had a baby boy after 15 years of marriage. They are so happy that they became very delicate of him. They never … Continue reading Being Strong, Being Optimistic in Life

A Blessing From a Call

I have already posted this article at my Bubblews account and I just want to share it here to bless others as well. A Blessing From a Call  Health-wise, half of Monday seems unfavorable for me. I’ve been visiting the toilet now and then to vomit while at work, felt so dizzy throughout my work … Continue reading A Blessing From a Call