Laid-Back Beach Camp at Sadagat (Medellin, Cebu)

You deserve that chill from the daily hustle and bustle of life at Medellin’s newly camp spot – Sadagat Beach Camp. 

Just opened in November of 2021, this relaxing campsite in the northern part of Cebu Province is just a 5-minute walk from the main road. You’ll surely find that peace and serenity you have been longing for.

DisclaimerThis is a personal blog. The views, opinions, and tips expressed here do not necessarily reflect the other travelers’ thoughts. I’m not an expert. My purpose of writing is to share my story, hoping, somehow, to be helpful and inspirational to some – if not all.

What to Do at the Campsite?

Have a work-life balance with nothing else to worry about at the metropolis. Here at Sadagat Beach Camp, you may enjoy life without worrying that much about your workload (just whenever necessary). You have the following options and perks when you choose to camp here:

Pitch Your Tent

Whether you prefer a car camp, glamp, or regular camp, you will always be one with nature at Sadagat. Tents are available from your simple to your luxurious accommodation by the beach. Opt for one that meets your clamor for an adventure outdoors.

Park Your Car and Camp

Are you finding a spot to park and pitch your canopy or tent with your gear? Drive your way to Kawit and enjoy your beach getaway. You will have a great time with your family and friends.

Glamp at the Countryside

Should you opt to be a bit luxurious, you can rent their glamping tents with your dear ones. Enjoy your beach stay with your exclusive chairs, tables, bed, and other amenities that come with it.

Hang Your Hammocks

Camp light with your hammock! There are coconut trees along the shore to hang your hammock and be lulled by the sea waves rushing through the coastline. Bask a day or night in a hammock with the deafening harmony of nature cuddling you to sleep.

Set-up a Picnic with Your Friends and Loved Ones

Should you prefer a few hours under the sun or the shade of trees, enjoy their white, fine sandy beach with your family and friends for a day. Cottages, tables, and chairs are available to make your stay comfy.

Photo credit to Marc (more of his stunning travel photos @theweekdaytraveler)

Bring hammocks with you if you feel like embracing the ocean breeze. Seize the ambiance that only nature brings. Promise! Here, relaxation at its finest is upfront for you.

Have a Lazy Day at the Beach 

The stretch of white, sandy beach is perfect for your mats and umbrellas. Lay them out and enjoy your beach day under the sun. This is the perfect time to talk about anything and everything. 

Get that Work-Life Balance

Workstation is not and should not always confine to a four-walled space. The working environment is subjective. If you are more productive when with nature, you can turn this spot into a workspace. 

The campsite has its Wi-Fi free of use for its campers. If using a public net connection is a risk, you can always use your private network access. A stable Internet connection is not a problem here. You still have the option to disconnect from the modern world or stay connected but on a laid-back spree. It’s all up to you. 

No worries about getting out of power as they have charging stations to recharge your gadgets and continue your work.

Side Tip: A weekday stay is likely if you’re looking for a “QUIET” time. 

Satisfy Your Cravings

Eat and drink your favorite Filipino camp food way out at their Layag Bar, Kasku Mart, and other food hubs. Choose from the servings of barbecue, grilled fish, kinilaw, tinola, empanada, budbud, fried chicken, and more. You may also pre-order any dish if you wish to eat a particular food.

Also, you can bring whatever food or drinks you want as a corkage fee is not implemented here.

Order and dine at your own pace with the ambiance of nature as your backdrop. 

Pose for Your Instagrammable Entries

If you are looking for new sites for your Instagram timeline, Sadagat is an excellent option. You will have a few spots for your unlimited photo-ops. Get yourself ready with your fashionable outfits and accessories. 

Get that countryside feels by the serene beach alone, with someone special, or with your family and friends. Sadagat Beach Camp will take care of your chill getaway. 

Camp with Your Furry Friend/s

Another perk of your staycation at Sadagat is the free access for your pet. You can share a beach out with your pal here. Just be responsible of keeping him at bay when exposed to other campers. Solitude remains a must in this area. 

Getting There

Sadagat is roughly 3.5 hours from Cebu City. You may locate the campground at KM128 in Sitio Tambo, Kawit Medellin. You may reach the campground through public or private transportation.

By Bus: Ride on a bus bound for Kawit at SM City Bus Terminal. Inform the driver to drop you off at Sadagat, right after Villa Edgar Beach Resort. The trip will take 3.5-4 hours.

By private vehicle: Navigate the campsite with Google Maps or Waze, just search for Sadagat Beach Camp.

Detailed Information

Day Use:

Entrance fee: P50

Operating hours: 7 am-11pm every day

Overnight camping: P200 per person (own tent set up)

Glamping tent: P800 per night (good for two)

Car camping: P800 per night (good for two)

Motor camping: P600 per night (good for two)

Beach shed: P400 per day, P600 overnight

Parking space: Car (P50 per day or P100 overnight); Motorcycle (P30 per day of P50 overnight)

*Kids 3 ft and under are free

Travel Tips and Pointers

Try to consider the following before heading to Sadagat Beach Camp for a remarkable trip and memories for keeps.

1. Check the campsite’s official FB page for some requirements during the pandemic.

2. Reserve your stay/accommodation to secure your spot since it is becoming notable to campers alike.

3. Always check the weather condition on your scheduled visit dates to ensure a viable camp.

4. Always observe the government and health protocols (like wearing a mask) as necessary, especially when in a huge crowd.

5. Respect and follow camp rules.

6. Leave no trace other than your footprints in the sand.

7. You are expected to be a responsible traveler anywhere, anytime.

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‘Til my next adventure, fellow wanderers. Keep safe and stay healthy always. 🙂

*Some photos are not mine; they belong to the rightful owners.


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