The Communal Ranch: Starting My 2020 Journey

IMG_20200101_152131 (1)

Communal Ranch

“Nakarating ka na sa yong destinasyon (You’ve just arrived at your destination), ” Waze app bot said, and we’re at the middle of a long and winding road. Seriously? Haha..


scenic long, winding road

This would happen when you just hit the road, decided to visit a scenic spot you’ve just heard and seen on social media, relied on Waze and BOOM! still on the road, seeing no ranch at all. Well, that’s part of the adventure we’ve been looking for. Actually, we almost lost our way already an hour-drive earlier since we left home.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

Here’s our unexpected, amazing journey to the splendid nature spree of Communal Ranch, in Impasug-ong Bukidnon, the only ranch owned by the government in the Philippines.

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The Ranch

It was not in 2008 when the movie “Love Me Again” of Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin was filmed at Communal Ranch hence it’s dubbed as the Cinema Capital of Bukidnon. Many tourists then start coming to visit the place, enjoy the expansive 642-hectare playground of the cowboys and just make lasting memories with their loved ones, including us. The ranch then became one of the sought after venues for prenups and blogging/vlogging gigs.


Tourism Center

The Direction

If you are coming from the North (CDO), the ranch is about 82.1 km (approximately 2 hours) but if you’re coming from the south, like us, it is a 70.6 km-drive (about 1 hour and 44 minutes).

The sculpture giant statues of the lumads of Bukidnon (Tourism Office is at the back of this sculpture) serves as the turning point from the highway.

By Private Transport:

Follow the road until you reach the bridge then a few meters you will see signage (left side) directing you to turn left going to the ranch.

By Public Transport:

Hop on a bus en route to Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Wao, Valencia, and Maramag. Alight at the huge sculptures then ride a motorcycle (habal2x) at the corner.

Along the way, from the crossing or highway, you will pass by their:

City Hall

IMG_20200101_135133 (1)

This Statue

IMG_20200101_141237 (1)

Be mindful of the very rough ride going to the ranch. The reward, after all, is beyond price and measure.

Registration and Open Hours

According to the caretaker (Anita Demilliones – 09161328033) of the ranch and an officer we’ve asked at the city hall, the ranch is always open from 6 am to 4 pm every day. Since we went on a holiday (New Year’s Day), the office was closed and we’re told to go directly to the ranch to register our names. The registration fee is 20 pesos per guest.

But basically, registration should be done at the tourism office or city hall as well as the booking for a night camp and other activities at the ranch.

Amenities and Activities

Before entering the ranch, you will be welcomed with the vast, infinite naturescape of grasslands and fresh air. I’m just wowed by the magnificent view right in front of us. I almost run out of the word to utter and just felt like it’s heaven on earth.

The ranch has:

IMG_20200101_145950 (1)


The whole house (up and down) for rent at 2000 per night, you just have to bring your own sleeping essentials as they are not available here. It’s free to use by guests during day time though.

Horses and Cowboys

Horses and cowboys are for hire at 250 per horse to get you around the river and ridges with no time limit. We opted to do horseback riding but we came late as the cowboys left already.

IMG_20200101_153446 (1)

Cowboy hats and outfits are for rent at 20 pesos each. We had them for free since it’s already late.

IMG_20200101_153451 (1)

Mini Store

A mini sari2x store inside the house sells goods at reasonable prices.

IMG_20200101_154652 (1)

Small Lake

There’s a small lake, great for some tweak and creativity on your photo captures.

IMG_20200101_153132 (1)

IMG_20200101_150033 (1)

IMG_20200101_152247_2 (1)

Grasslands, Vast Playground

The whole ground is yours to play around, picnic, and for all your instagrammable photo ops free of charge except for prenups (which should be booked ahead at 2000 pesos). You may just sit in the middle and think nothing while basking the fresh air kissing your cheeks and swaying your hair, hugging you tight.

IMG_20200101_160200 (1)


Wherever you turn 360 degrees you’ll see ridges, hills, mountains – just everything green and brownish. Go further to get near to the ridges. You can climb on a ridge and to a huge protruding monolithic structure to get the best spot with the lush of emerald ridges as your backdrop.

Note: Be very careful about getting here and don’t stay long. The wind at the top tends to push you down. Never look down so as not to tremble your knees to fear. No one wants to fall on its really deep skyline and very slippery trail.


We definitely had a great New Year’s day – calling it a day – with a beautiful Sunset back at home.

IMG_20200101_172504 (1)

Magnificent sunset


Although there is still a lot to improve at the ranch, the view up here is stunning and just full of awe.

Hopefully, the road will be developed for easy and safe transportation, more trees for shade and chairs, tables and house furnishings in case it rains outside.

It will also be great if there are railings on the trail towards the iconic gigantic stone as a photo spot.

IMG_20200101_142653 (1)

that white roof far behind us is the Communal Ranch

Experiencing Communal Ranch becomes more special and memorable when you’re with your family, friends and loved ones. It’s a destination worth a number of lost directions and rough roads. An incredible part of Bukidnon I’m proud of and will definitely recommend to travelers, especially to adventure junkies.

Vlog for this adventure will be available soon:

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See Map:


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  1. I thought I traveled lots of jewels back in the day in the Philippines. I hope I can get a chance of traveling the place in my life. Thanks so much for your post.


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