The Still Lake Bensis and the Controversial “No-To-Geo-Tagging”


Lake Bensis view from the campsite above

It’s been the talk of the town, especially among climbers in Cebu. Why? Photos of the lake seem to be almost in every FB feed, Instagram post, and any other social media outlets. “Where is it located?” “How to get there?” A few of the questions primarily asked to those who have been there – mostly climbers and adventurers. Unfortunately, seldom share information about its exact location. WHY? What is it in the lake and other spots like this that should be kept a secret?


Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.


Luckily, I managed to research and read some blogs about the said lake as I, too, am interested. So, I invited the team, Tribu AdOBo and some friends for a camp at the lake.


Yes, it’s somewhat secluded yet very accessible even for newbie or none-hikers. Get a 45 minute to an hour motorcycle (habal2x)-ride from Tabunok Market then have about a 15-minute walk and you’ll find yourself at the lake. Check detailed itinerary below.


Indeed, the lake is so calm and surrounded by a breathtaking view of greeneries. It’s a perfect spot for a weekend camp and chill after day-to-day office hours. Great talks, laughs, meet-and-greet of new friends, jokes, wilderness experiences and lessons, and much more. We had them limitless, except of course for bedtime and anything against the LNT principle.




Cultured tilapia by the Atlas Coop.

Now, the idea of hiding its location from others who would want to be here as well keeps me wondering. Why keep others from coming here and experience what you have had? Nature is a creation for everyone. Let’s not name names here. I don’t get the point of those who tend to keep it secret. Some of the outright reasons are exploitation and loitering. Let’s face it, yes, this can and may happen. But do you ever put yourself on other’s shoes? Like you, they also want to experience and embrace its beauty. Isn’t it selfishness to not share nature with your fellow earthlings?


stop-by at the man-made forest in Camp 7

Did you ever consider the opportunities it can open to the area’s locals? Why don’t we educate other hikers, tourists or travelers on the “LEAVE NO TRACE” principle and promote it instead? Hopefully, I’m making a sense to those who can read this blog.




Day 1

2 pm – Meet-up at SM City Cebu

3:30 pm – To Tabunok

5 pm – ETA at Tabunok Public Market

5:50 pm – ETA at Jump-Off (registration)

6:15 pm – Lake Bensis

8:30 pm- Dinner and Socials

11 pm – Lights Off


Day 2

5 am – Wake-up Call

6 am – Prepare Breakfast

9:30 am – Decamp

9:30 am – Descend

11:00 am – Tabunok Public Market

12 pm –  Cebu


Estimated Budget:

Bus Fare (Cebu-Tabunok) – 22

2-Way Motorcycle Fare (Tabunok Market-Jump-off) – 200

Jeepney Fare (Tabunok-Cebu) – 16

Registration Fee – 20

Total = 258 excluding food



P.S.: Be a responsible traveler.

Keep in mind the LNT (Leave No Trace) Principles.


Here’s the vlog by Asa ni Quen?:







*Some photos credit to my friends during this trip



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