How to Survive a Forest Fire While Hiking

As a hiker, it is crucial to know the four phases of fire safety, in case of a forest fire while hiking.

  • Before hike assess the threat level of the site, carry an emergency survival kit, take a map, and use nonsynthetic clothes and bags, no campfires in high-risk zones, carry any camping essentials, camp near water sources
  • If a wildfire starts, move upwind and downhill, avoid passes and canyons, find a clearing, call emergency numbers.
  • If caught in a wildfire lie face down, cover yourself with clothing, dig a pit on the ground and keep your face inside it or cover mouth with a moist cloth, remove any wet clothing, avoid inhaling smoke
  • If you survive the wildfire plan an escape route that includes places already burnt down by the fire, call the emergency numbers, and immediately seek medical assistance, if unsure of how to exit the forest then call for help. To read the full article on fire safety while hiking, visit


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