Via Crusis: The Way of the Cross at Q Park


Been thinking of where and how to spend your summer vacation? Why don’t you consider visiting a place where you can meditate and pray in observance of the Holy Week? Q Park in Compostela, Cebu might be your next destination.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.


As the Lenten season is often associated with varying hot season escapades, people are divided into spending the long-vacation to beaches and other destinations and to activities in observance of the passion of Jesus Christ.



entrance of Q-Park


Q Park is a 200-hectare adventure and family park owned by the Norkis Group of Cos. and the Quisumbing family that sits atop the hills of Compostela. The park is designed for families in search of a place for bonding, pilgrims, adventure seekers and nature trippers.




The Marian Hill


It was Palm Sunday when we visited Q Park for the Via Crucis or Way of the Cross. The park is accessible through any public transportation going or passing Compostela. Everyone met at Corner Bulwang for a 5-minute motorcycle/tricycle ride for 10 pesos to the entrance of the park. You also have an option to get a ride on a motorcycle from Corner Bulwang up to the chapel of the Park for 30 pesos. Luckily, we got a free ride from a good Samaritan on our way to the chapel.



The park’s Chapel where you can say your prayers






candle stands at the park



The 41 feet high statue of Mama Mary is seated at the apex of the Marian Hill. The monument can be accessed through a 272-step stair or by road.



Stairs up towards the shrine of Blessed Virgin Mary




Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary


The natural nativity cave replicates the cave in Bethlehem with other holy scene characters sculpted by local artists. The nativity cave and other caves show the Filipino devotional figures including Santo Niño de Cebu, San Lorenzo Ruiz, La Pieta, San Lorenzo Ruiz, Blessed Pedro Calungsod, and Our Lady of Guadalupe.



The Navity Cave





La Pieta – The sorrowful Madonna holding the lifeless body of Jesus Christ



Santo Niño de Cebu


You can also have a number of activities and scenic attractions at the park.



An area great for campsite






Cottages free of charge




Mid-afternoon view of the hills surrounding the park




Captured the sunset as we set foot the top of Marian Hill

No matter where we’re at during this season of Lent, to reflect the true meaning of our very existence is a must. May we all have the drive to journey with the passion of Jesus Christ just to save us from sin and redeem us with Him. Blessed Holy Week everyone.




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