You will never know how dear you are to anyone or anybody until you feel or hear it right from them. It feels so overwhelming, so happy, so much fulfilling when you are appreciated even for the littlest thing you’ve done for them. It’s not the amount of money you gave, it’s not the time … Continue reading Unexpectedly

Taken For Granted

Why do some people cannot appreciate even the littlest thing you have made? Why do some people can afford to say "I love You" but then continuously hurt you? Why do some people endure seeing you cry? Why do some people keep on telling "I'm sorry," but do it again? Why do some people leave … Continue reading Taken For Granted

Make Your Women Want You

Almost all men found themselves in an awkward situation where they are standing right next to the woman they like, but can’t get her attention. Yes, you can’t force her to like you, but certainly, you make her attracted to you. How to get women interested in you? Consider the following tips: ·          Make … Continue reading Make Your Women Want You

Gaining Someone’s Trust Back

You can gain someone’s trust back is possible if you will be consistent and do it one step at a time but gradually. The best way to do this is being genuine in your quest to change to do better for yourself other than for the person. You should be extra polite, act more mature, … Continue reading Gaining Someone’s Trust Back