Best Places for Vacation in August

Summer has been in full swing in many countries in past few months, but still on its way in others. How about you? Have you been wondering where to spend the rest of your vacation days in August? You might want to check out the following destinations and find your next go-to vacation. Boracay in … Continue reading Best Places for Vacation in August

Mending Broken Friendship

Our friends help us grow in most if not every aspect of our life, as I believe they bring stability in the world. It is also natural with true friends to have conflicts, however, they are too precious for us to let go.   Trying to mend conflicts within my circle of friends, I invited … Continue reading Mending Broken Friendship

My Summer 2016 Ender: A Throwback

  As often said, look for a healthy diversion when you're in blue. This day is a bit mundane so I look back on happy thoughts and this one came to mind first. It's actually a year-old memory with a sweet, thoughtful friend. Just wanna share how my summer ended with a bang last year. Disclaimer: … Continue reading My Summer 2016 Ender: A Throwback