Our Not So Typical Bohol Road Trip to the North


kidding around the white, powdery sandbar of Anda Beach

The more remote, lesser traveled areas are the ones best adventured.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

that summer vibe at the beach

Spontaneous road trip. Unlikely me? If you’re following my travel blogs or know my planned-out “how to” travels, it’s a definite Yes. This would be a lot whole different but it turned out to be an adventure at a different, distinct level.


on a road trip onboard a multicab

Chocolate Hills, Loboc River, Tarsiers, Manmade Forest, Panglao Beach, etc. are the ones referred to the island province of Bohol, mostly to the southern and central parts. And we have been to these tourist spots more than ones like other tourists. Have you ever explored the other side of the province? What’s in northern Bohol? Like us, you may be amazed of its gems.

Let’s explore…


an extraordinary, amazing weekend at the beach

Unlike our planned travels, this one is an opportunity after attending a friend’s wedding in Talibon. Anyways, the cheapest and doable way to your northern exploration if you’re coming from neighboring islands like Cebu is via Getafe Port, Ubay Port or Talibon Port.


say cheezeee 😉

We sailed from Cebu Port (Pier 1) to Getafe Port as per advice by our friend. You will have an option to ride a pump boat (for 2 hours) or a fast craft (for 1 hour). The difference in boat fare is actually not that far: pump boat fare is 215 while the fast craft fare is 250.

Tip: It would be wise to ride a fast craft as it’s faster and safer.


en route to Talibon

From Getafe Port, we hop on a tricycle to the corner where we can take a bus, van or jeepney bound for Talibon. The bus ride is around 40 minutes. We took lunch in the marketplace before attending the wedding.

Tip: Be a wise traveler in haggling or taking rides. Tricycle drivers at the port offered us a ride on their 6-seater vehicle to Talibon at 350 pesos (70 each of us 5) whereas; we only paid 26 each for a bus ride.


this is an adventure

Where we headed next?

Northern part of Bohol can blow your mind away with its must-visits. We even didn’t expect our amazing experience – a road trip I’ve been longing for.


Jardin Nacitas



those lights in the deepest darkness of that hilly side of Bohol


playing with the lights’ shadowy effects

The Glowing Jardin Necitas

We’re told that the best time to visit Jardin Necitas is night time as flowers highlighted here are LED-lighted. From Talibon, we traveled about 2 hours to reach the hilly part of Bagumbayan, Pilar to see the artificial multicolored tulips and roses. Yes, you’ll be reminded of Cebu’s 10,000 roses. Opened barely more than a year ago, the glowing garden also features lighted animals, cherry blossoms, and pathways. Get the most of your 35-peso entrance fee with its aerial views, which, I guess, would be great when the sun is just about to set. Comfort rooms, cafeteria and videoke machine are also available at your own expense of use.

Note: It’s open from 10 am to 10 pm.



loving the serenity at this moment


The Expansive Anda Quinale Beach Sandbar

We’re so lucky to have free accommodation in Alicia. Special thanks to our very accommodating hosts Anna, her cousin, and family.  So, from Alicia we drove to Anda Beach, Quinale Beach Sandbar in particular, for a morning dip. Besides the spectacular view of the wide, white powdery sandbar and serenity of the beach, we had fun lying down, running and just kid on the crystal clear seawater. Swimming under the rain and taking snaps of us all added to the joy painted on our faces.


Crystal clear, bluish waters at Combento Cave

Enchanting Combento Cave Pool

With the clear blue hued water of Combento Cave, swimming would not be an option but a priority. The tiny natural pool is located in Vergin, Anda which is just 30 minutes away from Quinale beach. Good thing, we’re the first visitors that day so we all have our time swimming. There are open cottages available for rent at 50 pesos for those who would be staying long.

Note: Entrance fee is 25 pesos each.


seems having a teambuilding

Bituon Beach Resort

If you’re into cliff jumping and other activities like team building, Bituon Beach Resort is an option. Just drive 8 minutes farther from Combento Cave and the beach will welcome you. We just drop by for a false alarmed comfort room visit, we snap some photos instead.


constructed by nature

Breathtaking Can-Umantad Falls

Take a chance to receive a natural massage from the more than 200-meter stretch of Can-Umantad Falls and freshen up from a long ride and a 10-minute hike from the entrance. Enjoy the up, down hike before reaching the waterfalls while being entertained by the surrounding flora and fauna. You have choices to swim, jump and just dip whichever your mood swings. Cottages and tables are available if you’ll spend hours or grab your snack or lunch. Entrance fee is 25 pesos and the table rental is 100 pesos.

Note: Keep safe as life jackets are only available for rescue.


the symmetry of nature’s wonder

Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

On our way to Candijay’s notable Can-Umantad Falls are lush of greens that being on the road onboard an open-air multicab is a joy ride. The road to the striking wonders of rice paddies of Cadapdapan Rice Terraces is an adventure in itself. It’s bumpy with intermittent rain showers and abrupt pours just to get Richman wet. It’s actually part of the fun. Hihi. Since we’re catching for our boat ride, we decided not to spare our 25-peso entrance fee and took some photos of the terraces beside the road.


stop by at Kapayas Dam in Ubay on our way to Getafe Port


Saddened but it’s time to call it a trip. We went back to Alicia to wash up and headed directly to the port for our boat ride back to Cebu. This would be my nth time in Bohol and in every visit, there’s always something new I’m up to. Still, I haven’t fully explored the province. In some other times, hopefully.


blessed and thankful with our hosts Anna, her mom and her cousin.. Thank you so much


In every travel it’s already a norm to bring anything back home. This time, we were not able to go to a souvenir shop. We just bought some pasalubong at pop-up shop along the road to Getafe Port. Peanut kisses/fingers and Kalamay are always on top of the tourist’s list.


peanut fingers and kalamay (Bohol delicacies)

Note: The kalamay costs 100 for 3 or 35 pesos each while peanut fingers cost 100 for 7 pesos. 


How to Get There

Reaching Bohol if you’re from the other parts of the Philippines can be done either by plane or ferry.

By Plane:

You can take a flight from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Bohol-Panglao International Airport. Once in Panglao, you can take van, bus, or any private vehicle to Talibon or where you’re heading to in the north.

By Ferry:

From Cebu Port, you can either take a pumpboat or fast craft from Pier 1. Once at the port, hop on a tricycle or habal2x to take you to the corner where you can take a public transport (bus, van, or jeepney) to where you want to go in the northern part of Bohol.




Day I:

7 am –Meet-up @ Cebu Port (Pier 1)

9 am-11 am – Cebu to Getafe Port

11 am – 11:10 am – Getafe Port to a Corner where to ride Bus/Van/Jeepney to Talibon

11:20 am-12 noon – Getafe to Talibon Bus

12: 20 pm – Lunch

2 pm – Wedding

4 pm – Reception

6 pm-8 pm – Jardin Necitas

9 pm-9:30 pm – Alicia


Day 2:

5:40 am-6:30 am – Anda Beach

8:30 am-9:30 am – Combento Cave

10:10 am-10:20 am – Bituon Beach

11:45 am-1:45 pm – Can-Umantad Falls

2pm-2:20 pm –Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

2:30 pm-3:00 pm – Alicia

4pm-4:20 pm – Kapayas Dam

4:30pm-5:40 pm – Getafe Port


Estimated Budget:

Pumboat Fare (Cebu-Getafe) – 215

Fast craft Fare (Getafe-Cebu) – 250

Multicab Rent (3000/5) – 600

Food (1321/6) – 221

Entrance, table, chair fees (695/6) – 116

Total = 1402


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Here’s Asa ni Quen?’s vlog for this trip:








*Some photos credit to my friends during this trip

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