Second Chance at Mt. Talinis: The Panhilakan-Apolong Trail


Nakolon Summit

Give your love a second chance – the statement we almost often hear among lovers. How about your love for nature or your passion for adventure? Giving your passion a second, third or more chance is nothing less than a hope that may take nerves of steel but with a reward of pearl beyond price. Yes, we’ve been to Mt. Talinis once but unable to summit due to unfavorable circumstances.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.



Jump-off @ Panhilakan Nasuji



lunch along the trail

Before descent, we bid a promise to be back and reach the mystic mountain’s summit. It did happen after four months. With better planning and preparation after the first, we took another trail for a more exciting climb via Panhilakan-Apolong Trail. We even opted for two summits – Nakolon Summit (1900 masl) and Yagumyum Summit (1700 masl). Some mishaps from the first climb were avoided this time.


Everything went smooth as planned. We were even earlier than our itinerary. We were able to Nakolon Summit on our first day. However, everything changed come the following morning. We woke up with a very cold temperature and foggy surrounding. We waited for Mr. Sun to show up in time but unfortunately, it didn’t.



foggy morning

Time is up and we need to make a sound decision given the upright situation we’re at. We need to abort our mission for the Yagumyum Summit. The hope to pursue is too little for us to risk our lives. Taking up Plan B is the only option for everyone.


slippery, muddy descent

Traversing from campsite (Nailig Lake) down to Casaroro is no easy feat. Well, we were still lucky to go to that direction as the trail is easier to descend than to ascent. Just imagine how difficult it was (our first climb here) when we took the same route but on its reverse direction. This is when we realized to ignore the ordeal just to get to the jump-off point on time safe.


It was already late afternoon when everyone huddled, all cleaned and ready to head to Dumaguete City for an ocean and road trip back to Cebu City.


Lake Nailig view from Nakolon Summit

Missing our chance to reach the second summit is not really a failure but an invitation to test ourselves to do the climb again. Mt. Talinis seems to love our visits that it wants us to keep coming back for another, different experience.


Lake Mabilog below and Yagumyum Summit behind the clouds

Going back for the third time is something the group may consider though.

Stay tuned for the group’s next adventures whether at the top of the mountain, on the depths of the sea, or anything and anywhere in between.



Day 0

11pm-12 – midnight meetup at Cebu South Bus Terminal

Day 1

12:00 am – ETD to Liloan Port

4:00 am – ETA Liloan Port

4:30 am – ETD to Sibulan Port

5:00 am – ETA at Sibulan

— breakfast and last buy—

6:30 – to jump off Panhilakan Nasuji

9:00 am – jump off

9:30 – start trek

12 noon – lunch along the trail

2:00 pm – Lake Nailig campsite (leave things)

2:30-4 pm – to Nakolon Summit 1900 masl

4-4:30 pm – summit pics

4:30-5:30 pm – back to campsite pitch tent others prepare food for dinner

7:00 pm – dinner

8:00 pm – socials

10:00 pm – lights off

Day 2

5:00-7 am – wake up call/prepare breakfast and lunch, hot coffee/choco, break camp

9:00 am – start trek to Kaipohan Sulfur Vent

11:30 – 12:00 noon Kaipohan sulfur

12:00-1:00 pm – trek to guard house/twin falls

1:00 – 4:30 pm descend to Apolong

5:00 pm – back to Dumaguete City

10:00 pm – to Cebu City

Day 3

3:00 am – touch down Cebu City



Breakdown of the fare:

Cebu to Liloan Port by bus P200

Liloan Port to Sibulan by ferry boat P63

Hired Jeepney P300+

Dumaguete to Cebu through Ceres bus P300+




Energy Drink

Eating utensils

Food container for packed lunch (individual)

Camp gear

Head lamp

Knife, scissors, duct tape

Extra clothes

Medications and Toiletries

Skin protection (jacket, umbrella, cap, sunblock, etc.)


Important gadgets


Physical conditioning (exercise, run, jog, walk, etc.)

Hydration a week before the climb

Pre-climb – Spartan Trail – April 1, 2018 (Easter Sunday)


  • have enough rest before the event
  • keep safe
  • keep the LNT principles
  • pray and enjoy
  • be physically fit


For guideship you may contact trusted and official guides Glecerio Chris D. Gonzalez at 09460177884 and/or Joel Timoguing at 09360422211.



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*Some photos credit to everyone in the team


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