Osmeña Peak Traverse to Kawasan Falls: Road to a Major Cause



Osmeña Peak afar at the back


Aim high whenever the chance strikes. Why not? Prepared or not, the challenge always haunts you without prior notice. True, isn’t it?

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

Barely a month ago, a joiner during our Mt. Lanaya climb in Alegria prompted a very appealing idea inviting the team to try a major climb at Mt. Talinis in Dumaguete. “Ge” (alright) as expected when the team is fronted with any adventure…hahaha. That morning conversation never ended without the exact date set for the event. Excited? Definitely.



waiting for departure to Mantalongon Market

Of course, it would be the first major climb for most of us, we need to get ourselves ready leading us to do preclimbs and other preparations. We actually have them scheduled all the remaining weekends prior to the said climbed date so we could practice. Our Osmeña Peak-Kawasan Falls traverse serves as a test of our endurance considering the upcoming one-way 8-hour trek by average.




foggy night at the peak




all set for the hours-long traverse

This is not my first time to traverse this trail, but the fun and enjoyment of the team are comparable to none. Tiring yet pleasurable. How can you feel weary when you are with this group who knows nothing but to chill even when faced with unfavorable circumstances. We just laugh out each other’s funny misfortunes along the trail. The farts, the humor, the teases, the cheers during socials, and the never-ending chit-chats are all but always part of our outdoor and indoor escapades so far. No plans to change it either, if there is, it’s for the better.




the abundance of farm produce along our way


The safety, precautions, leave no trace policy, and support system are always on top of everything. Yes, we’ve lost our way somewhere in the woods due to the unclear trail brought by rainfall days ago.



first stop (1st basketball court)

Thanks to a resident nearby, we found our way back to the right trail going forward. Slips, falls, and breath-catching moments were part of our journey. Don’t worry guys, What we see, what we hear, we will leave it there, so details will be spared here. Ato2x rato (It’s all ours to keep).



still up people??? 🙂





at last, we were able to relax after 5 hours of trek

Brace and congratulate yourselves everyone for making it through the race, I mean the trek for roughly 5 hours – not bad for first timers should I assess.



smile all ears showing no traces of exhaustion… haha

Never had enough. Why? We are on the verge of planning for another same traverse next month. What awaits the next traverse is still unknown. Something to look forward to.


Refer to my previous write-up for itinerary: Habagat Choose Your Wild Adventure: Surviving Osmeña Peak-Kawasan Falls Traverse the Second Time Around


Bring your own meal (cooked and/or uncooked) and trail food
Bring your own drinking and eating utensils
Bring at least 1 liter of water (water for cooking is available at the camp site upon request)
Bring ion beverages or energy drinks like Gatorade to prevent cramp
Sun and skin/body protection like cap/jacket/umbrella/first aid kit
Waterproof your belongings, in case of heavy downpours
Bring extra set of clothes for waterfalls sidetrip and extra cash for emergency purposes
Wear trekking shoes or sandals with good traction and camp gear
Headlamp (very important for possible night trek from the peak)
Leave no trace (trash)
Always be mindful of safety first
Pray for guidance and protection throughout the event
Be physically fit before the climb and enjoy.


Watch video here: opeak to kawasan


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*some photos credited to friends

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