Exploring Alegria: From Mt. Lanaya to Cambais Falls


Tribu Adobo 🙂

Would you dare to have an overnight stay in a place known for supernatural stories? Trying to be brave, the team – Tribu Adobo (adorable bonding) – with some joiners explored the mountain of Lanaya in Alegria. I can somehow attest to that as I’ve been there once this year. Everything was set and we even have a side trip to Cambais Falls.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

Kalo-Kalo Peak


Unlike my first climb at Mt. Lanaya (story at Mt. Lanaya: Between the Myths and Our First-Hand Experience), we’ve decided to start the adventure as early as 6 am so as not to be too late to its peak. It seems a pattern since our previous climb to have caught by rain as we peaked to Kalo-Kalo. This makes the trek a bit difficult due to slippery, thick mud and loose rocks. Luckily, rain showers stopped when we were at the peak, giving us the grandiose scenery that only nature offers. After minutes of sunset view atop, everyone took a group snap before taking back the challenging descent awaiting. Balancing our own weight adds up the challenge especially on our way back to the campsite. We still manage though and just laugh out our falls and mishaps. Forbidden yet we can’t help but laugh at each other out loud.



struggle is so real

LRM_EXPORT_20171105_233539_wmAt last, we reached the campsite after an hour and directly pitch our tents so we could change our rain-soaked clothes and prepare our dinner.

LRM_EXPORT_20171105_233653_wmSocials came right after everyone had dinner and as an SOP, joiners of the group get to introduce themselves and share something about them. Arr introduced us to the drinking card game Quasimodo in which cards have their corresponding meaning. Deck of cards is evenly dealt with everyone with joker as your worst card as it entails a full shot of any alcoholic drink available. Never forget to say QUASIMODO before and after your shot else you’ll have it twice. Lucky me, most of my cards allow me to be safe and pass the shots; still receive a joker card though.

The rain calls it a night, forcing us to adjourn and get inside our tent to rest.



thankful enough to our chefs who keep not just our tummy full, but also our heart.. lablab you guys 🙂

Everyone woke up early, prepare breakfast, had some photo-ops, and decamp for our next adventure – to Cambais Falls. We dropped by a lechon stand to buy food for our lunch and went directly to Cambais Falls. Just as how our muscles were relaxed from a whole day grueling climb under rain showers as soon as we got to dip into the cold water of the falls. We still did minor and short climbs towards its levels but managed. We spent several hours and had our lunch there before going back to Legaspi Barangay Hall.



the kid in us (photo credit: Marl)

We are lucky enough that the barangay permitted us to use their facilities to wash-up and get ready for a long ride back to our respective abode.


heading home yet we’re still wearing these faces… haha

Another weekend was well-spent with these awesome people whose craziness maybe unusual, yet we ever seek.  And for this time around, the term “Quasimodo,” which is the coined term for the card game Quasimoto and the food we’ve always craved every climb “adobo” was found.


“Happy lang, walang ending” – Brian

So where are we heading to next? You will know soon.

For guideship: Reynolds Santos (trek guide and motorcycle ride contact person). He can be reached at +639754673305.


Day 1

05:30-6:00 AM: Meet-up at Cebu City South Bus Terminal
6:50 AM: ETD from the terminal

11:00 AM: ETA at Alegria Heritage Park
11:20 AM: Last buy
11:30 AM-11:50 AM: at Legaspi Barangay Hall (jump-off point), registration, orientation, lunch, final preparations
12:10 Noon: Start of Trek
01:40 PM: ETA at the campsite of Mount Lanaya (Sitio Samuyao), left things at a hut, rest
02:20 PM: To the Summit (Kalo-Kalo Peak) bring water and finger foods (make sure they are not hindrance to hike towards the peak – keep your hands free 🙂 )
04:00 PM: ETA @ Kalo-Kalo Peak 
05:00 PM: ETD to Campsite
06:30 PM: ETA Campsite/Pitch Tent/Prepare Dinner/Socials

Day 2

05:00 AM: Wake-Up Call/Prepare Breakfast/Photo-ops
08:30 AM: Decamp/Clean-up Camp Are before leaving
09:20 AM: Start of trek back to jump-off
10:00 AM: ETA at Barangay Legaspi/Relax
10:30 AM: ETD from jump off point to Alegria Proper to buy lunch
11:20 AM: ETA at Cambais Falls/Trek to falls/Registration/Lunch
01:50 PM: ETD from Cambais Falls back to Legaspi Barangay Hall
03:30 PM: ETD from Alegria
07:30 PM: ETA Cebu City

— End of Adventure —

Estimated Budget

Two-Way Bus fare: PHP 170 and 160
Tricycle fare to Jump-off: PHP 10/each
Entrance fee: PHP 50/each (Legaspi Trail)
Guide fee: PHP 500 for 5 persons (100 each for the succeeding hikers)
Overnight PHP 500 for the whole group (est. 36 each)

Porter for drinking water PHP 100 (est. 10 each)
Habal-habal Fare: PHP 250 roundtrip to Cambais Falls 
Entrance fee to Cambais Falls (30) per person

TOTAL: 816 (Excluding food and personal expenses)


Bring your own meal (cooked and/or uncooked) and trail food
Bring your own drinking and eating utensils
Bring at least 1 liter of water (water for cooking is available at the camp site upon request)
Bring ion beverages or energy drinks like Gatorade to prevent cramp 
Sun and skin/body protection like cap/jacket/umbrella/first aid kit
Waterproof your belongings, in case of heavy downpours
Bring extra set of clothes for waterfalls sidetrip and extra cash for emergency purposes
Wear trekking shoes or sandals with good traction and camp gear
Headlamp (very important for possible night trek from the peak)
Leave no trace (trash)
Always be mindful of safety first
Pray for guidance and protection throughout the event
Be physically fit before the climb and enjoy.

Watch video here: From Summit to Falls 

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