When Neglected


Neglect comes so easy when you’re short of people’s expectations of you. I’m also human. I have limits. I mess with things at times. I’m also hurt. I do cry.
I thought I’m already inured by the failures, disappointments, mishaps, and misfortunes life shares me with. I thought I’m strong enough to accept everything life throws.
One short message of no emotions drops it all. I can hardly breathe. Long-been hidden tears rush out, start falling down my cheeks.
That one-liner lifeless text just hit right through the core of my being. I’m slapped by the reality of not being appreciated. Yes, I’m not expecting anything at all but it just blows me right there and then.
What hurts the most? It came from someone I’m getting strength from, someone I look up to through all these years. How will you wake up from a nightmare then when it’s not even a dream?

Life indeed! I have to standstill. I have to move on. I have to live it on.

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