Why So-Called Gigantes Island?


Photo credit: Asa Ni Quen?

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. It is named after a giant, hence the name Gigantes Island? Let’s try to trace its origin.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

According to Wikipedia, the island chain is so-named after Sabuluag/Salauag, an endemic tree species to the islands. It was renamed to Gigantes Island during the Spanish colonial era when local legend has it that coffins containing gigantic human remains were found inside Bakwitan Cave. We asked some locals and even our guides about the islands when we visited there months ago and told us about their belief in the presence of enkantos (supernatural beings) throughout the island.

Know more about the island and how to go around: Islas de Gigantes: Kicking Off Our Summer 2017


Watch the video of our trip by travel buddy Asa Ni Quen?

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