Well-Spent Weekend at Mt. Naupa on the National Mountain Cleanup Day




Mt. Naupa

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

The ride. The almost out-of-breath and challenging climb. The moonlight. The bond. The camaraderie. The thirst and sweat and stinky feels. The foggy morning. The fun. The happiness in each other’s face. What a weekend well-spent outdoors!



Before descent


Been to Mt. Naupa a number of times already, and it never fails to offer something new every climb. Not just one, but three remarkable factors why this recent climb pursued even in such a short notice. (refer to my previous blogs: Mt. Naupa: An Adventure Indeed and The Summit)



the gang


Firstly, the never expected number of people who said “YES” to my invitation. I’m so overwhelmed to know that these people have the same advocacy with our team (The Wanderers of Nature) – to have a healthy lifestyle outdoors and have a better understanding of how important it is to keep nature as is, where is for the generations to come.



photo credit to D’Hangoverz Outdoor Adventures and Urban Escape


Secondly, our event coincides with the National Mountain Cleanup Day celebration reminding us all how to love the mountains and the Earth as a whole thru its conservation. I’m so glad to have met the other group of mountaineers who headed the cleanup event in Mt. Naupa.


moonlit night atop

Lastly, it’s unexpected to witness the stunning brightness of the moon and gentle breeze giving us the whole night until dawn a perfect chitchat session and peaceful sleep afterward.



dinner ala mountaineer (hungry? :-))


You may ask why I keep on coming here, read through:


Healthy Escape From the Noisy, Busy City Life

Weekends are meant for relaxation no matter what profession or social status you are in. Most of us are employees and need something (any activity) to stress out and enjoy life. We all need a breather or something to do so as not to get bored and continue life as it is.



exploring the wild

Nature Exploration

I am a lover of nature ever since. Being close to nature is a huge part of the joy camping promises. Hiking Mt. Naupa is just a great provider of this. Just be reminded to respect the area where you stay or traverse without damaging or disturbing wildlife’s natural state. “Leave no trace, but memories,” as every traveler or mountaineer says.



filling our tummies for another trek backtrail


Group Meal Plan and Food Preparation Time Efficiency

Who doesn’t want a cost-effective escapade? You can save when you are camping with family and/or friends because you plan together for the expenses and food preparation for the whole group, thus saving time. Just as what we did though I advised beforehand to bring our own food for the event. We save not just in cash, but so with time.


Pitch in

Unless you have studied and tried it a number of times already, pitching and/or fixing a tent before/after use is no easy, especially for first timers. It can eat-up most of your time. Extra hands from your family members or friends are literally heaven sent in this circumstance. Two or more hands can easily set up the tent even without the instructions.


Split Expenses

Sharing is always loving. Although camping is cheaper than renting a hotel room, some campsites cost higher than the others. Luckily, we only paid 20 pesos each for the entrance that already includes the camping area. This also applies to the food preparation expenses.



Siblings bonding


Bond in a New Environment

Where else will you have an in-depth conversation with your family or friends or even co-workers? Outdoor activities strengthen relationships between friends and officemates outside of work and family members outside of houses. This is the perfect time to talk freely and carelessly converse on whatever you want. We actually have mother and son, siblings, co-workers, and friends bonding under moonlight, foggy morning and sunlight.


Peace of Mind

Be free! The wide, grassy hills of the mountain allow us all to goof around, take some snaps, and simply give us the freedom to be ourselves with nature. It’s an opportunity of living life as peaceful as you wanted it to be before going back to the real work life world again.

It’s more than my expected success despite the gloomy weather, failing us a glimpse of sunset and sunrise. But, hey, the moon was there to lit us up all night ’til we drop – at dawn. This is the surprise Mt Naupa promises me this time, telling me to be back at no number for sure. I surely will… for the sunset. Kudos to everyone and to our newly-found friends! ‘Til our next wander somewhere, out there.



Mt. Naupa Hike and Camp in Naga, Cebu on July 8-9, 2017

02:00-2:30 PM: Assembly (Innodata or SM City Cebu KMK Bus Terminal)
03:00 PM: ETD KMK Bus Terminal
04:00 PM: ETA Tungkop, Minglanilla corner w/ traffic jam (last minute purchase of goods)
04:10 PM: ETD to jump-off at Cogon Chapel (through habalhabal)
04:45 PM: ETA at jump-off, registration, start trek (one hour depends on our pace).
05:45 PM: ETA campsite, photo ops, dinner, socials ’til we drop:-)
05:00 AM: Wake-up call
05:30-06:00 AM: Breakfast
06:00-6:30 AM: to the summit then have some buko session whenever possible.hihi
07:30 AM: back to campsite and fixed things for descent
08:45 AM: ETA to jump-off
09:30 AM: ETA back to Tungkop
10:30 AM: ETA Cebu City

— Home Sweet Home —

Estimated Expenses:

35 – bus from Cebu City to Tungkop
50 – Habal2x from Tungkop to Cogon Chapel
50 – Habal2x from Cogon Chapel to Tungkop
20 – Environmental fee 

20 – Entrance fee to campsite

35 – Bus fare back to Cebu City
Total: 210/pax (excluding food and other personal expenses)


• Everyone should bring their own food or food to share 🙂 (Dinner, Breakfast, trail foods or snacks, water and/or energy drink)
• Wear proper hiking attire
• Bring own utensils and personal needs
• Let’s respect each other’s time and effort, in short, be on time:-)
• Let’s be responsible hikers and have fun:-)


Watch our latest vlog with Tribu AdOBo:

Watch the video of this climb by travel buddy Asa Ni Quen?

More about the Philippines here.





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*some photos are solicited from friends/joiners




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