The Awe: When In the Island of Kalanggaman



Kalanggaman Island

Some of our greatest stories in life may come from the times we spent adventuring, and here’s one from my recent wanderings. Perhaps most of the time I’ve been asked whether I get sea sick or road sick after returning from my trips, and I often answered yes because I am longing to get back soon.
I’ve been hearing about the paradise of Kalanggaman Island years ago, had plans of going there someday, until a friend pop-up a question whether I would want to go with some friends to visit the island. Without further ado, I initially asked when is the trip happening. I searched information about the destination and on how to get there. Those involved in organizing this trip also did their part, we set everything from the planned date, to the itinerary, down to the food, and things we need to prepare.
The paradise's landmark 


Everything is set and we decided to follow a route from Cebu to Ormoc City to Palompon and then to Kalanggaman Island. So, with friends and officemates, we headed to Pier 3, Port of Cebu for a boat to Ormoc at 10:00 pm and arrived at about 4:00 am the following morning.
at the Public Park of  Ormoc City 


early morning bay view in Ormoc City 
While waiting for our friend who’s traveling from Baybay, Leyte, we spent an hour at their plaza, took some photos before heading to Lake Danao for a side trip. We hired a multicab to bring us to the lake and back to the city proper. There we rented a floating boat and did kayak rowing while enjoying the spectacular beauty of nature.
at Lake Danao, Ormoc City


maneuvering the kayak despite strong wind against the course 
We need to catch up the boat at 3:00 pm in Palompon, which is an hour travel from Ormoc City to Palompon through a hired van. Since we arrived earlier in Palompon, we had enough time for last-minute shopping of goods for dinner and breakfast as we opted to stay overnight in the island.
Some of us in the group went directly to their tourism office for registration and to wait for the pumpboat that will take us to Kalanggaman Island.
back side of Palompon Tourism Office (heading to Kalanggaman Island) 
It took us one hour to reach our destination, an hour of both excitement and fear while countering the big waves of the ocean. All worries while in the middle of the ocean paid off as we are getting near, seeing the long stretch of white sandbar and the lush of coconut grove and other greens of the island.
Kalanggaman Island from afar 
I was absolutely at awe upon setting foot on the fine sand of the shore. Its long sand bar shines so bright as crystals reflected by the surrounding clear blue water and blue skies. Who would not be mesmerized by its turquoise, blue-green crystal that is so inviting to deep into the cool water?
stunning shore fronting the island 
Since we arrived late in the afternoon, there are already a lot of beachgoers and guests fronting the island and we found our own place at the other side, the rocky, breezy part of the paradise.
our inexpensive haven at the island
not so, yet very excited to try our new hammocks :-) 
It is just a right decision for us to bring our own tents and hammocks because all cottages, beach chairs and tents were already rented and occupied. We pitched our tents and set our hammocks, rest for awhile, ate dinner and had chitchat before retiring to bed at around 11:00 pm.
We decided to do photo-ops early morning since there is already a bunch of people staying and taking photos at the sand bar. We were so blessed to have peaceful night sleep at normal temperature, despite fears of rainfall days before the trip.
A beautiful morning at the island 
The sun is already up at around 5:00 am. Some of us woke up early to view the sunrise, while others woke up late from a tiring evening. Each one of us went to mind our own leisure to get the most of the island. We took turns in eating our light breakfast. Some had their swimming costumes to take stunning shot with the many spectacular views around and went swimming, while others enjoyed with their snorkels.
         (photo credit to team nature buddy April)
our priceless accommodation for a night 
As Jackie and I wander the other parts of the island, I noticed some of its amenities and facilities. Kalanggaman is equipped with lifeguard station, basketball and volleyball courts, registration center, concrete barbecue grills, scuba diving sites, aqua-bikes, bath and toilet with well supplying salt water primarily from the beach, tents, beach chairs and cottages.
toilet rooms 
concrete grill station (bring your own charcoal) 
for rent cottages 
guys playing volleyball 
basketball area 
I learned that there are also paddle boards and kayaks for rent, but wasn’t able to rent one. Anyways, it doesn’t matter anymore as I opted to go swimming and feel the sun kissed island.
never mind the scorching heat of the sun, just can't resist dipping myself into the clear beach water 
An approximately hundred-meter sandbar at the southern part of the island is surrounded by relaxing mixed pale blue and green water with white foamy waves gushing towards the shore.
the must-visit sandbar 
cottony waves 
The northern part of the island seems to be an abandoned area with chopped coconut tree trunks at either sides of the pathway running towards its end. We walked farther with coconut grove surrounding us and saw an open chapel, unfinished toilets and open-air huts.
towards the north 
an open cottage 




Layered rock slabs form the east side of the island with clear aqua green body of water, indicating corals and sea grass. The west or front side of the island is where the for-hire pump boats and private sea vessels docked.




 At around 10:00 AM, our boat arrived with one of the boatmen telling us to prepare for departure after an hour. It was time for us to bid goodbye and end our weekend staycation at this paradise.



For few reminders, you have to bring drinking water, food, lighting equipment and any other essentials since the island has no tap water and full electric supply. Guests are also reminded to keep the island clean and green by being responsible in their waste disposal. We were actually provided with two plastic bags (clear one for non-biodegradable and the black one for biodegradable wastes), handed over by the boatmen.


This may be an understatement for some, but Kalanggaman Island didn’t fail me and even accommodated us beyond my expectations. If opportunity permits, I would still want to visit the island to destress and have fun with dear ones.


Day 1
7:00 PM – Meetup SM City Cebu (dinner, buy food and other things for Kalanggaman)
8:30 PM – Pier 3, Port of Cebu
10:00 PM to 4:00 AM – Depart from Cebu to Ormoc (Roble Shipping)
Day 2
4:00 AM – Arrive at Ormoc
6:00 AM – (Breakfast)
7:00-8:00 AM – Ormoc Terminal to Brgy. Danao
8:00-10:00 AM – Lake Danao
10:30 AM-11:00 AM – Back to Ormoc City
11:30 AM – Lunch
12:30 AM – Off to Palompon, Leyte
2:00 AM – Arrive at Palompon Market (buy foods for dinner and breakfast and register at Tourism Office)
3:00 PM – Off to Kalanggaman Island
4:00 – 6:00 PM – Kalanggaman Island (pitch tents and hammocks, and prepare dinner)
7:00 PM – Dinner and Socials (Chitchat, etc.)
11:00 PM – Lights Off
Day 3
5:00 AM – Wake up call, view sunrise
6:00 AM – Breakfast
7:00 AM – Free time (swimming, photo ops, snorkeling, etc.)
11:00 AM – Depart from the island for Palompon
12:00 Noon – at Tourism Office (Washup/Shower)
1:00 PM – Lunch
2:00 PM – Wandering Palompon and Rest while waiting for the time
10:00 PM – Depart from Palompon to Cebu (Cokaliong)
Day 4
4:00 AM – Cebu


730 – Boat Tickets
110 – Round Trip (Ormoc to Lake Danao and back)
150 – Fare from Ormoc to Palompon
225 – Overnight fee (Kalanggaman Island)
150 – Food contribution (dinner and breakfast in the island)
*excluding any other meals and personal expenses during the trip

THINGS TO BRING (recommendations)

Pack light, but do bring the following:
• eating utensils
• rashguard and other swimwear
• water
• aqua shoes or slippers
• tent and/or hammock
• jacket, umbrella (in case it rains)
• sunscreen/skin protections
• hat
• sunglasses
• sarong or towel
• snacks or packed meals
• personal medication and toiletries
• camera
• lamps or flashlight
Watch video of our trip by travel buddy Asa ni Quen?
More about the Philippines here.
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