The Mt. Kan-Irag (Sirao Peak) to Budlaan Falls Traverse Challenge

Morning view right from Sirao Peak
As far as my mountaineering experience is concerned, our recent climb to Mt. Kan-Irag (notable as Sirao Peak) and trek to Budlaan Falls is really a challenge we never expected. It’s likely that we were in a wild playground offering us an adventure like no other. The play area for adults with room for meeting new friends and acquaintances where sharing the journey together becomes part of the overall adventure.
City lights behind us
Sirao Peak, also called Mt. Kan-irag, is one of the camping sites already known for local mountaineers in Cebu. It’s elevation is not that high as we already reached the summit and camp site for less than an hour from jump-off. We can actually complete the trek in one day, but we opted the usual fun of camping, of course.
Dinner and Socials
So, after meeting the group and our guide with his fellow mountaineers at JY Square, we rode motorcycle to Ayala Heights. We then hike directly to the peak where we set our tents, dine and had socials. As what I’ve heard from those who have been there already, the night view of Cebu City at the peak is superb.
Overviewing Cebu City Lights
Just as in our previous climbs, I barely slept straight until morning due to cold temperature at the peak especially around 3:00 a.m. apart from my excitement of waking up on a foggy morning with Sunshine greeting you a peaceful morning atop.
Foggy Morning
The Sun starts to shine up
Photo ops
Photo ops
We were so excited for the sunrise that we fixed ourselves for photo op while others are still at their sound sleep.

Others are still asleep

We then prepared our breakfast, ate, packed up things and traverse to Budlaan Falls. As our guide told us beforehand, we literally had monkey and kiss the wall styles of climbed.

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water source
Going down like monkeys using roots
Kiss the wall/rock on our way to Budlaan Falls
We passed by farms, water source, valleys, locals and had stops for rests until we reached the falls lunch time. There we took a bath under the falls, ate lunch and got some rest for another trek passing the Budlaan river.
Budlaan Falls
Along the way, we met the other mountaineers in their day trek taking the trail we passed. We stopped for awhile for some chitchat and rest as well.
Stop-over with the other mountaineers
We then continue the hike until we reached the road where motorcycles are waiting and took a ride to Sunny Hills, Talamban for our final ride back home. Yes, we encountered a lot of obstacles along our way, but what really matters for us is that we were able to conquer our fears and surpassed them all.
Preparing for a motorcycle ride back home
It was indeed another climb worth to keep and must share to everyone in love with nature or not.
Congratulations for passing the Sparkle Challenge guys! Cheers for more outdoor adventures! J
It’s more fun in the Philippines

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