Keeping Your Weight Ideal Throughout Pregnancy

We often see pregnant women gain weight during pregnancy. This is actually a natural and an expected part in bearing a child. However, gaining extra weight in pregnancy is not ideal although gaining weight is necessary and healthy in this case. Knowing when to say that additional weight is too much could sometimes be a daunting task. Which is why you have to learn how exactly to maintain an ideal, healthy weight for a pregnant woman.
Have knowledge on the consequences when you gain extra weight during pregnancy period. Maintenance of a healthy and moderate amount of additional weight helps you limit the severity of conditions like varicose veins, indigestion, backache, hemorrhoids, fatigue, and stretch marks. But be careful in gaining too much weight as this may only increase your risk in developing a condition such as gestational diabetes.  
Take note that the ideal weight throughout pregnancy can be identified by your weight before your pregnancy. Strive not to gain over 25 pounds if you are already overweight prior your pregnancy and no more than 40 pounds if you are at a healthy weight or underweight during that period.
Throughout your pregnancy, never fail to watch your weighing scale and keep a keen eye on where you have to base your consultation with your own doctor. This will less likely lead you to over-eating, help keep you accountable to your health, and react if you are gaining too much weight.
Eat right and accordingly. Meaning to say, you have to eat healthy and low-fat meals rich in nutrients and vitamins. Pregnancy requires you to eat extra 300 calories daily to support the baby inside your womb, but not the myth of eating for two people. It is recommended that you add 300 calories each day during your second trimester as well as 450 calories in third trimester, but not I your first trimester. When you plan to take prenatal vitamins, consult it first to your physician if it fits or suits you right. It points out that the recommended weight gain for a pregnant woman throughout your pregnancy is dependent on the amount of weight before becoming pregnant. This will ensure that your baby is receiving appropriate nutrients for growth. But there are certain foods that you have to limit intakes such as pizza, candy, and junk foods. Include vegetables, low-fat containing dairy products, lean meat, and fruits into your diet instead.

It is understandable that pregnancy brings laziness, sleepiness, and tiredness throughout the period, but you still have to stay active. Motivate yourself to continue your daily routine of cardiovascular exercise, perform pre-natal yoga, and take long walks to keep your body always in shape prevent any pains and aches or pregnancy. There are also types of exercise that you need to avoid as they may be harmful to your baby. They may include basketball, skiing, and scuba diving. You have to wear clothes that are comfortable when executing the exercise and stop your exercise when you already feel dizziness or tiredness.
Pregnant women usually feel hot so it is highly advised that you drink enough amount of water, eight glasses daily. Always drink water rather than coffee or drinking soda during meals. Water hydrates your body and keeps it fuller and longer, thus preventing you from overeating.
So you can always stay in your ideal shape throughout your pregnancy although you need to gain some weight. 


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