Undeniably Beautiful Lake Apo

Undeniably Beautiful Lake Apo 


I have been hearing about a lake in my hometown, but never got the chance to visit it until this summer.  It’s named Lake Apo. It’s so funny how I thought the lake is located in Davao when I was still in high school. I never thought it is, actually, just kilometers away from home and I never thought it is really that stunning. Since I’ve been opting to connect with nature, I come across Lake Apo again while browsing the net. This same time was my planned hometown vacation.
I planned to go home for summer vacation and for my mom’s birthday and decided to bring them to Lake Apo. Yes, I really did it and was surprised that what I saw in photos is more than my expectations. It’s been elusive for me ever since until I got the chance to photo up details of the lake and feel its serenity.
The lake is literally within the mountainous area of Barangay Guinoyoran, which is 11 kilometers west south west of Poblacion, Valencia City, Bukidnon. The lake now becomes one of the mostly visited tourist attractions in the province. As you step down from any ride, you will be greeted with stairs going down towards the lake. You may enjoy nature here with its lots of activities and amenities.
Have the warmth of its serenity as you step to its light material-made floating cottages that can be rented at 200 pesos for 3 hours. You can go leisure fishing to relax as much as you want by renting a fishing gear for 150 pesos. Brace yourself with the lake’s cool and refreshing water, but make sure you know how to swim or have life jacket or floater as its average depth is about 17 meters.
The other side of the lake is a resort named Timeless Place Resort owned by Dr. Almer Alfonso Sr. Its Lake Apo Family Park offers exciting activities like pedal boat, water trampoline, kayak, rubber boat, banana boat and jetski. You just have to arrange your scheduled stay here ahead of time at their office at A. Mabini Street, Poblacion, Valencia City.
Whether you are looking for a cool, relaxing place, where you can meditate and free yourself from the hassle and bustle of city life or just go somewhere countryside, Lake Apo is definitely the best option with its still waters.  
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