What’s Better at Summer

What’s Better at Summer




I just need a break from weeks of negative vibes. Thanks to summertime. It’s actually a perfect time for me. I just want to relax and enjoy a life outside of work. It was realized on the second Sunday of March this year as our team in the office decided to have an outing at Paulo Luna Beach Resort and Spa San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines. Yes, I really enjoyed the event, the food, the place and the bonding we all have had there. 
The scenery and the panoramic view of the resort are beyond my expectation. It really is classy, as the cost entails, but the value relaxation I experienced at the place worth no penny. 


Here are some of the resort’s facilities and amenities you and your families, friends and colleagues can surely enjoy.







Yes, as usual, I got my skin a bit burnt the following day, but the fun I carried home is non-pricey at all. I felt like relieved though 
I am still thinking of being atop in a mountain and scream all out the bad vibes I just hate to feel still.


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